List of 5 Best Designed Facebook Pages

There are millions of pages on Facebook which remain bound to the custom blue and white. This list is not about them. This list is about those extremely well designed pages which make you question where you are – Facebook or a beautifully crafted website! Here it comes people, the best designed Facebook Pages:

Change Your Facebook Page Name

Good news !! Looks like Facebook has finally listened to the most popular demand of Facebook page admins- the option for editing page title! The most common problem a page admin faced till now was the inability to change the title of their Facebook page. This meant that one has to be extra careful while […]

Use Static FBML for advanced options with Facebook page

Putting social icons on your page can be a better way of promoting or getting connected to your friends and mentors. You would have observed several kind of social buttons/icons or different advanced functionality on many fan pages.well this is how you can- Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) is a Facebook platform application developed by […]

7 Things I Hate About Facebook Pages

‘Facebook Pages’, the best way to interact with your brand or business fans and people who likes the same stuff as you does. But there are few things which people (and I personally) don’t like about these facebook pages. Though the positive things are more in these pages and the world is using it but […]

Has Facebook got it right by changing ‘fans’ to ‘like’ ?

One of the major but expected changes in Facebook has been that there are no Facebook page fans. A fan is converted into a ‘Like’ and that has started a debate amongst Facebook users if doing away with ‘fans’ was the right thing to do. It has been explained in numerous debates that Facebook prefers […]

Facebook introduces community pages

Facebook pages are very useful for creating communities but usually they are owned or created and maintained by one person or mutliple admins but the control or ownership of the page is limited. This is fine when it comes to a company or a brand that needs such controls but what about things that are […]