How to Reduce Facebook Notification Volume!

Facebook notifications are actually meant for getting notified when somebody interacts with you. We get a notification when somebody likes, comments or tags you in a post or even when someone comments on a post after your comment. But most of the times we get useless updates mostly from the applications or groups even if we […]

Facebook Introduces New Look Friendship Pages

Facebook has started to roll out a new look Friendship pages for users. These Friendship pages are like aggregators of you and your friends posts on each others wall, photos on which both are tagged, common likes and events. Though these friendship pages on Facebook are usually great to see your interaction with a friend […]

Obama Victory Underlines Why Google+ is a Dead Place

A social network is a bit like a virtual party. People interact and discuss things mainly around current events. That is why Live sporting events like the Olympics are followed very actively on social media websites. Today, when the US President Barack Obama got re-elected, he (probably his campaign team) showed exactly why Facebook and […]

How to delete all Facebook messages at once

There is a huge list of features that are still missing on Facebook, and one of them is the power of deleting multiple messages at once. Some people don’t like keeping messages in their inbox but they have to as it’s a very difficult task to delete conversation one by one. Moreover there’s not just […]

[Tip] Block Yourself from Facebook Unless you have Notifications Pending

Facebook is a great way to connect with friends from school and college. It is also a great way to keep track of what is happening in the lives of people you know. But most people generate very little useful information on Facebook. I often find 90% of the updates on Facebook being a waste […]

See friendship between any two people on Facebook [How-to]

Long time back Facebook introduced a feature by which you can see friendship between you and your friend. Later they extended it to see friendship between your friends but do you know that you can also use this to see friendship and mutual friends or likes between any two people on Facebook doesn’t matter if […]

Facebook hits 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that today morning, the social media website has crossed the magical mark of one billion monthly active users. This means that one billion accounts on Facebook are used actively in a single month. Only last year, Facebook was reported to have 800 million active users. That is a incredibly […]