Facebook redesigns Photo Albums with cleaner look and new features

Once again Facebook changed the way we see photos on it and this time the change is pretty good. They have changed the theme of photos and its album. Now Facebook shows much bigger photo thumbnails with a cleaner design. Also there are some newly added features like featured photo, direct likes and comments e.t.c. Let’s have a look […]

Facebook Allows Users to Promote their Personal Posts

Facebook has seen decent success with promoted posts or Ads. It was a great way for Facebook Page owners to get their brands better visibility and to reach a bigger audience. Facebook now allows you to promote personal posts. Quick Tips on Promoting personal posts When you update your Facebook account with a post, an […]

Beware! Your current profile picture is public on Facebook

Facebook is trying hard to make most of the user’s private content public. First they launched Cover Photos where we don’t have any option of making pictures private i.e. only friends can see them. Now they have launched another feature which will automatically make current profile picture public. From now every time you upload a profile picture, it will be public […]

Facebook is working on a Search Engine!

At a TechCrunch Disrupt event, Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook pretty much confirmed that the company is working on a new search engine. He can be quoted as saying Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer the questions people have. At some point we’ll do it. We have a team working on it. – […]

New Facebook for iOS, Version 5.0 [Review]

Facebook finally updated their Facebook for iOS application i.e. official applications for iPhone, iPad and iTouch with a new look, faster engine and timeline support. The main thing about this update was to provide a faster mobile app and they did it perfectly. As compared to older version of Facebook for iOS this version 5.0 takes very […]

Facebook brings Two pane view and better search to Messages

Facebook has today revamped the UI of Messages, introducing a two-pane view, something you generally see in desktop E-mail clients. The’ve also brought minor updates to the search feature in it. One thing that’s evident is, Facebook wants more people to use Facebook Messages for E-mail, which was then rumored as ‘Gmail killer’. You can […]

Things you should keep in mind before updating your Facebook cover picture

Facebook cover pictures, a very nice and popular feature of Facebook Timeline Profiles, but this can also be one of the worst thing of your profile if you are not using it properly. Also while using your own picture as cover you should always keep the privacy thing in mind. Here are few tips and suggestions for you before […]

Facebook Testing a Instapaper like “Save for Later” Feature

Facebook is testing a new feature which will allow users to bookmark updates or rather ‘Save’ them for reading later. iMore reported first that the new “save for later” feature was showing up on iPhone and iPad apps for Facebook. It makes sense of such a feature on Facebook, as one of the big issues […]