Create Facebook Friends Collage Across Selected Friends! (Enhanced Version)

If you are sunscriber of Digital Insipration or Life Hacker, then you might have guessed already what I am serving today! But wait before you quit as there is really more to this Facebook Friends Collage trick. Last month Amit found out "—" option by which you can create your facebook friends collage as shown […]

IgnoreAll Button to avoid Facebook invitation spam!

Today I read how people are getting annoyed with Facebook applications invitation spamming and decided to solve the problem on my own! As usual all I needed was another GreaseMonkey script which could just click all ignore buttons in one go! So here is my work! It just adds a button with label Ignore All […]

Access Orkut via Facebook! Double Scoop!

If you are on Facebook and Orkut at the same time, this one Facebook application is for you! It is developed by Jeetu Mirchandani (former IIT Bombay Student, working for Amazon, India) so that you can read scraps via Orkut! Through this application you can view Orkut users profiles, photos, scrapbook, videos & fans with […]

Turn image verification (captcha) OFF on facebook!

If you are new on facebook and having problem with its security captcha i.e. image verification! In simple words if you noticed words in the box as images while poking, messaging, or sending friend requests this is time to get rid off all this permanently as facebook now supports international phone numbers for verification. You […]