Create Facebook Friends Collage Across Selected Friends! (Enhanced Version)


If you are sunscriber of Digital Insipration or Life Hacker, then you might have guessed already what I am serving today! But wait before you quit as there is really more to this Facebook Friends Collage trick.

Facebook_friends_collage Last month Amit found out "—" option by which you can create your facebook friends collage as shown above! The "—" options is also highlighted in screenshot on right side.

There are two things I have noticed about it…

  1. Collage contained all friends! (it have beeen better if we can just create collage for selected friends!)
  2. There is no need to scroll through and click on "—". (you can directly go to collage page)

Now here is the URL i.e. direct link to above page…

If you have noticed there is a "grid" option in above URL which is responsible for grid-like view or what we call facebook friends collage trick!

So to get grid-view for selected friends…

  1. Choose any drop-down option on facebook friends page (ex: network, status, online now, classmates, etc)
  2. Add &grid to URL and hit ENTER! (do not forget & before grid)



Facebook Collage

You can drag-n-drop above bolmarklet on your browsers bookmark toolbar!

Facebook Collage bookmark will get added to your existing bookmark and when you click on it &grid will be added automatically!


Thats it! Have fun 🙂


IgnoreAll Button to avoid Facebook invitation spam!

Facebook_ignoreAll_apps Today I read how people are getting annoyed with Facebook applications invitation spamming and decided to solve the problem on my own!

As usual all I needed was another GreaseMonkey script which could just click all ignore buttons in one go!

So here is my work! It just adds a button with label Ignore All and do I need to say explicitly what this button does? 😉




(Note: This is GreaseMonkey script thus Firefox and GreaseMonkey add-on is must!)

  1. Download Firefox (if you don’t have it)
  2. Install GreaseMonkey extension (you may need to restart your browser)
  3. Click here to install this IgnoreAll Facebook application invitation script!

If you have successfully installed this script, you will see a Ignore ALL button on right panel of requests page! (Also see screenshot)


That’s it, hit it and all SPAM will disappear in seconds! 🙂

Don’t worry about genuine stuff from Facebook itself, like…

  1. New friend requests
  2. Friend detail requests
  3. Group Invitation

So its time to clean Facebook… 🙂

Credits: Based on script made by zetx

Updated: There is alternate way – Ignore All Bookmarklet by Jojo

Ignore ALL 

Above will add a "Ignore ALL" bookmark on browsers bookmark toolbar. Next time when you visit it, just click on that "Ignore ALL" bookmark and all the spam will disappear. (Need video tutorial?)


Related Scripts: If you want to BLOCK applications as well so that they cant send you further invitations use BLOCK ALL Facebook App Script.


Access Orkut via Facebook! Double Scoop!

If you are on Facebook and Orkut at the same time, this one Facebook application is for you! It is developed by Jeetu Mirchandani (former IIT Bombay Student, working for Amazon, India) so that you can read scraps via Orkut!

Through this application you can view Orkut users profiles, photos, scrapbook, videos & fans with this! So this can be used as limited proxy in places where Orkut is banned but Facebook is not. This is the situation with most Asian countries including India where Facebook is yet to catch up with popularity of Orkut!

#Installation on Facebook

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click here to go to application page. You will be greeted with a page like below. Click on Add Application Link. Orkut Application for Facebook - Devils Workshop
  3. It will ask for confirmation like other Facebook application. Also it will ask for inviting your friends which is optional and can be skipped!
  4. Next Put your Orkut profile URL in field shown below…Orkut Profile Link - Devils Workshop
  5. Thats it. You will end up on a page which will look like your Orkut Profile pageMy Orkut Profile On Facebook - Devils Workshop

This application does not require your Orkut login ID & password, but I personally feel it should take it to give more feature!

As of now claimed to be working feature – Writing Scrap is not working. Surprisingly big blogger like Amit Agrawal did not bother to test it before writing about it!

I feel the feature is implemented using fake Orkut account to send scraps on your behalf. As this applications user base grew this feature is now getting blocked by Orkut CATCHPA.

Anyway its nice start by Jeetu and another option for you to access Orkut! 🙂



Be on Facebook to be in Google Search!

Very soon your Facebook profile will be going to be in Google, Yahoo, MSN & other search results so that people searching for you will be able to reach you via facebook.

Does this mean threat to your privacy???
Not at all as you can control whether you have a public search listing, and where it appears, from your Search Privacy page. Also anyone who discovers your public search listing must register and log in to contact you via Facebook.

Here is preview of my facebook profiles public search listing…

Facebook Public Search Listing Preview

Since your search privacy settings are set to “Everyone” (by default) you now have a public search listing. This means that friends who aren’t yet on Facebook will be able to search for you by your name from Facebook Welcome page. Public Search Listings may include your name, profile picture and few more things depending on your choice (see following screenshot).

Facebook What Can People Do With My Search Results

These public search listings can be found by search engines like Google. If you do not want to show up in Google and other search engine results you can go to Search Privacy page and “uncheck” Allow my public search listing to be indexed by external search engines (ex. Google, Yahoo, MSN) option… (as shown in following screenshot)

Facebook Public Search Listing Settings

Thats it from my side! (want to read more…)

By the way have you ever Googled Yourself? Yes this is not something abnormal and I always do it to check if I am top in Google Search result!

Yes google for Rahul Bansal and first result will be pointing to this Devils Worksho… Where I Belong! 🙂


Turn image verification (captcha) OFF on facebook!

Facebook LogoIf you are new on facebook and having problem with its security captcha i.e. image verification!

In simple words if you noticed words in the box as images while poking, messaging, or sending friend requests this is time to get rid off all this permanently as facebook now supports international phone numbers for verification.

You can verify your account by confirming your mobile phone number!

Just follow the above link and all you will need to do is selecting your country from drop-down menu and typing your mobile number! Just note don’t add country code or any of the special character like ‘-‘ (hypen) to your number.


After this press confirm and you will be redirected to next page as well you will get a SMS on your mobile! In my case SMS took around 1 minute after clicking confirm so just wait for few minutes before pressing back button of your browser.

Once you get SMS put it on the screen waiting for you and you will be done!

Thats so simple!!! So don’t go away from facebook for its annoying image verification on each move! 😉