Scrapboy Supports Facebook Now After Orkut & Myspace!

Started as orkut messenger, scrapboy improved over the time. After myspace, they now added support for facebook. Long list of supported features and appealing user interface will make scrapboy your sweetheart. Designed with keeping minor details in mind, scrapboy take care of missing feature on individual social networks. So do not think it as another […]

Digsby Integrated Facebook Chat! Support for, Flickr & Digg on the way!

If you missed it, we reviewed digsby last month. It is a desktop application which integrate messengers, emails and social networking sites. (Read More…) Also if you are on facebook then you must be enjoin recent facebook chat feature out there! Now if you noticed one thing, facebook chat have no desktop software version. So […]

Facebook Chat is Live Now…

Two days back I posted about upcoming Facebook Chat feature… Its live now! Here are screenshots… Here are prominent features as highlighted by facebook… Start instant conversations with all of your friends. Check the Online Friends menu to see who is online now. A green dot means your friend is available to chat. Don’t want […]

Facebook To Launch Gmail Like Chat Soon!

Facebook is testing a new one-to-one chat feature which will add much demanded instant messaging support. Considering slowness of emails and hard-to find walls on cluttered facebook profile pages, this move will really improve communication with online facebook friends. Following is a screenshot of this upcoming feature, courtesy CNN. Yep, this looks more like Gmail […]

Facebook – Ignoring Application Requests From Specific Friends

One more step from facebook developers to save their users from application requests spam. After famous ignore-all and block-all application invitation scripts, now you can block all application invitation from specific friends. Tom Whitnah quoted on facebook developers blog, We’ve heard from developers and users that they feel certain friends seem to be a large […]

Using Facebook Invisibly – New Facebook Privacy Options!

After Googles introduction of invisible status mode in Gmail Chat and improved privacy options for orkut users, its facebooks’ turn to do something better for facebook users privacy. And they really come-up with much better and easier to use privacy controls. One new option really caught my eyes is ability to control who can see […]

Facebook AutoPoke Script – Poke Back All at Once!

  One of Devils Workshop reader mailed me this screenshot (at the right) of her facebook account! Being user of our Facebooks anti-apps Ignore ALL & Block ALL scripts she requests a way so that she can "poke back" all pokers at once.  Thanks to GreaseMonkey, we can use a auto poke script! When installed […]

Block ALL Application Requests with One-Click [Facebook]

Few weeks back we came up with Ignore All button script which let you ignore all facebook application invitations in one click. But Kenshiro, Kiljaeden and few users wanted similar button for blocking all applications. If you are not familiar with blocking application… you can visit any applications facebook page to block that application from […]

Organize Facebook Friends into lists (Groups)! [New Facebook Feature]

If you have too many facebook friends and have really tough time managing them then cheer up buddies! If you haven’t noticed yet then move to friends page on facebook and a small banner will welcome you as shown below…. Yep, its completely redesigned friends page! And "Make a New List" option is on right […]