Finally we can see everybody who’s online on Facebook chat

A recent change in Facebook chat was one of most disliked changes in Facebook design and that was also one of the major reasons why Facebook is loosing it’s popularity. But this is for the first time that Facebook changed something after getting so many complaints and  requests. And the main reason for this change […]

“Messenger for Mobile” Dedicated app for messaging on Facebook

Facebook just announced a new Application for mobiles which will be dedicated to Facebook messaging only. It will be a messenger like Yahoo or GTalk for mobile. The new application will allow you to send message to a Facebook friend or a normal contact directly without long procedure of searching for a friend, then opening […]

View all comments is back for ‘facebook albums’

One of the most important features of Facebook albums was to see all comments of an album in one place so that you can reply all of them without opening every single pic of the album. But Facebook removed this feature just like many other important features that made Facebook albums quite boring and lesser […]

“This Friend Request Can’t Be Sent”-another irritating feature by Facebook and how to deal with it!!

Most of the people are on Facebook to make new friends, and I am one of them who loves to send request to random people on But this thing isn’t gonna possible anymore cuz of a new feature to prevent the misuse of Facebook. Obviously this is a good feature specially for those who […]

Facebook’s new retweet like ‘via’ feature is now active

You might be familiar with  the share button of Facebook by which you can share any post on facebook posted by your friends, any group or a page. But the main disadvantage of this feature was that the original contributor was not shown with the shared content. Facebook has modified it a little and this […]

Watch Videos on YouTube much faster with YouTube Feather

YouTube has released a new labs feature, entitled Feather. With this, YouTube strives to stream videos much faster, by removing the extra bells and whistles that accompany a normal YouTube video page and also by using advanced web techniques. The main aim is to reduce the latency wherever possible.

Check if your Gtalk Friend is Logged in from Mobile, Blackberry Device, Gmail or other Gtalk Client

Recently Gmail officially released a labs feature using which you can determine if your (Google) chat contact is using Instant messenger from an android device or elsewhere.  But using the simple trick below, you can figure out if your Google contact is using Gtalk either from Google’s official Gtalk client, within the browser (using Gmail), […]

Monday Morning Blues [30 Nov 09]

A quick ‘Monday Morning Blues’ post today as a lot has been discussed and dissected about our Blogger$ of the Month Contest. We have got a lot of new ideas and suggestions from some of our authors and readers along with some brain storming sessions at rtBlogs. Some of them you will see implemented very soon. 🙂 […]

Target Facebook page updates based on location and language [How-to]

Another great feature by Facebook for all those who admin pages on Facebook. Now you all can target your updates based on location and language from all over the world. The updates here is meant for posts, links, photos, and videos that you share on your page. That means if an update is targeted to […]