Facebook’s new retweet like ‘via’ feature is now active

You might be familiar with  the share button of Facebook by which you can share any post on facebook posted by your friends, any group or a page. But the main disadvantage of this feature was that the original contributor was not shown with the shared content. Facebook has modified it a little and this new ‘via’ feature is now active which is just similar to the retweet button of twitter.

Now whenever you share something on Facebook by clicking on the share button you which see ‘via person’s name/group name/page name along with the original content in the pop-up shown while sharing.

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Unlike  retweet option, the best part of this via feature is that the original contributor’s name can be removed when not required. By using this via feature, the name of the person/group or page will be shown with the original post and proper link to the profile so that the actual person can be tracked easily.

So what do you think about this new feature? 🙂

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