[Gett] Instant and one-click file sharing

If you closely observe the trend prevalent online these days, its definitely all about minimalism. Minimalistic design, minimal work and all this the minimum amount of time. If one online activity stood out like a sore thumb with this trend, it would have to be file sharing. We all have been victims of those moments when the file takes a century to upload. Ge.tt. Its a website which allows you to share files to others easily.

Pay back time – Pirate Bay fined over $4 million

The tweets have become loud enough to deafen the cyber birdies. Its but obvious after the recent fiasco with The Pirate Bay and the Swedish Court. Its the eternal war between the entertainment industry and the free file exchange rampant over the internet. Will this recent judgment against Pirate Bay mark the end of an epic battle?

A Shortcut To File or Folder From Your Browser [Firefox Extension]

Do you find yourself searching through folder after folder to find a particular file you are working on? You may have many folders on your computer and this can make it tricky to remember exactly where the item you want is located. Even if you know exactly where a folder is, it can be frustrating to find through the same levels of folders over and over to get to the file you want. So it becomes irritating to browse folder or file which is frequently needed. To access those file quickly we can create a shortcut on the browser.

Neembuu Uploader: An Open-Source Batch Uploader Application for File Sharing Sites

I have been an hard core Linux user and was searching for a better open source application which uploads files present in my Laptop. I found this application very handy and it’s look, feel, performance along with speed are seriously mind-blowing. It has been developed by Vigneshwaran. Neembuu Uploader is a batch uploader application that […]

JJSplit: Free Opensource alternative for HJSplit

I’ve been using Linux for some months and was searching through the synaptic Package Manager and cannot find an equivalent Utility to HJ Split. The Linux version of HJ Split was not very effective and I went through many forums and posts. Got some results but not really satisfied! I wondered if I’m just not using the right search […]

Share Large Files For Free Online with WeTransfer

We all spend our maximum time online, thus it’s very common that we need to share files frequently with our friends. I have used many file sharing sites, but I like WeTransfer most. It is the quickest way to share your files with your friends. WeTransfer.com is a web application which allows you to share […]

DocsPal: Convert and View Files in Any Format Easily

DocsPal is a free online file converter and viewer that supports a variety of image formats, documents formats including achieves, PDF, PowerPoint, Doc, Docx, Xls, open office documents and many other file formats to be converted from one format to other. With no registration required at any point, the conversion is a three-step simple process. […]