Fetch.io – Download / Fetch Files and Stream Them Fast

Downloading huge files hosted at rapidshare, megaupload etc is always a hectic task. If you don’t own a premium membership on such sites then they’ll impose various restrictions on your download. They will ask you to wait, limit your downloading speed and wouldn’t even let you resume your downloads. This is why users have always looked for a file leeching / fetching service.

Fetch.io is an excellent web service that downloads such files to their server at really amazing speed and then lets you download the same file from their server at great speed and with resume support.

Features of Fetch.io

  • Support for several file hosting sites and the BitTorrent..
  • Ability to fetch files at a blazing speed.
  • Fetched file are uncompressed so that you can download,share or stream them straight away.
  • Video files are automatically encoded to suitable format for playing them on iphone/ipad and other devices.
  • Single step registration plus you’re provided with 20GB of space and 40GB of bandwidth free of cost.
  • Directory based file management with a lovely AJAX powered GUI.
  • Open API platform : if you are a developers, you would love it.

These features certainly set it apart from other similar services. I personally loved fetching torrents. 🙂

Link : Fetch IO

[Gett] Instant and one-click file sharing

If you closely observe the trend prevalent online these days, it’s definitely all about minimalism. Minimalistic design, minimal work and all this in the least amount of time. If one online activity stood out like a sore thumb with this trend, it would have to be file sharing. We all have been victims of those moments when the file took a century to upload. E-mailing with attachments can be the worst nightmare.

Ge.tt (no I haven’t misspelt it) is aptly named for the function it performs. Its a website which allows you to share files with others easily.

How Ge.tt works:

  • Once you are at the home page, select the files you want to share.
  • While your file is being uploaded, a unique URL is generated, which you can share with the receiver. This link will be active for 30 days even if you don’t have an account with Ge.tt.
  • You may also email the uploaded file to the receiver’s email id from within the Ge.tt page itself accompanied with a note.

  • You can also view the number of downloads or views your file receives.

Ge.tt proves to be a time saver and an effective tool for file sharing. Its quick and well designed. What do you think about this tool? Let me know your thoughts and feedback. Leave behind your comments below.

Link: Ge.tt

Pay back time – Pirate Bay fined over $4 million

The tweets have become loud enough to deafen the cyber birdies. Its but obvious after the recent fiasco with The Pirate Bay and the Swedish Court. It’s the eternal war between the entertainment industry and the free file exchange rampant over the internet. Will this recent judgment against Pirate Bay mark the end of an epic battle?

A brief account of what has happened with “Pirate Bay”

  • The Pirate Bay was started in Sweden in 2003 as an online file sharing platform run by Fredrik Neij, Gottifrid Svartholm, Peter Sunde and indirectly by Carl Lundstrom.
  • Early 2008 saw a spate of legal attention thrown over at this website by the entertainment industry based on copyright infringement.
  • The site became a commonly used platform for sharing music, movies, videos and many other files subject to licensing issues.

  • The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry believed the site served as a medium for many others to indulge in piracy and demanded compensation.
  • Pirate Bay argued on the grounds that they were within the legal structure of Sweden as they merely redirected the user to other locations where the concerned file was hosted. Therefore they believed the site would steer clear off the charges of piracy.
  • The trial ended in March 2009 costing Pirate Bay founders a massive compensation of around $3 million and a year of imprisonment.
  • The defendants appealed for further trials. Recently, after the second round about the Swedish Court, 26th November was judgment day. Despite the imprisonment period coming down shortly for the founders, the compensation has increased to a whooping $4 million.

What is worth noting is that after all this, the site is still functional. Apparently, it now runs under a different ownership and registration.

What are your thoughts about this recent judgment?  Do you think it will change the face of piracy or simply go unnoticed? Let me know what your opinions are through your comments.

A Shortcut To File or Folder From Your Browser [Firefox Extension]

Do you find yourself searching through folder after folder to find a particular file you are working on? You may have many folders on your computer and this can make it tricky to remember exactly where the item you want is located.

Even if you know exactly where a folder is, it can be frustrating to find through the same levels of folders over and over to get to the file you want. So it becomes irritating to browse folder or file which is often needed. To access those file quickly we can create a shortcut on the browser.

FileNFolder shortcut

To do so we just have to simply download and install a Mozilla extension which integrates with the browser and provides quick access to the file or folder.

To get it to your browser window go in ’view menu –> toolbar –> shortcut toolbar’.

And you can see in the above image we have a toolbar just below the navigation bar.We can create a new file and folder shortcut by just clicking on the extreme left icon of the toolbar, browse the folder and we are done with a shortcut.

More about this Addon

  • We can also change the order of the shortcuts.
  • I could open files/folders within Firefox in a new window or even a new tab.
  • We can also add unlimited number of shortcuts to any file or folder

Link: File and Folder shortcut

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Neembuu Uploader: An Open-Source Batch Uploader Application for File Sharing Sites

I have been an hard core Linux user and was searching for a better open source application which uploads files present in my Laptop. I found this application very handy and it’s look, feel, performance along with speed are seriously mind-blowing. It has been developed by Vigneshwaran.

Neembuu Uploader is a batch uploader application that lets you upload your files just by right clicking on them and simultaneously to multiple file hosts and manage download links and delete URLs.

The latest v2.0 supports Hotfile.com, Easy-share.com, FileDropper.com, FileDude.com, UploadMB.com and IFile.it You can upload files to your personal HotFile account.

You’ll just have to provide your account details once and simply drag and drop any number of files over the Neembuu Uploader window and begin uploading.

Some handy features of Neembuu Uploader

  • We can drag and drop files into the uploader.
  • Users can set a maximum number of simultaneous upload.
  • Manages uploaded files history along with providing links to delete the uploaded files.
  • Best feature is that it works on all platforms.

When you open Neembuu Uploader for the first time, it’ll ask you for your account details. It lets you upload your files right into your account. If you don’t have an account, then ignore it. It won’t ask again unless you click the “Accounts” button later. You can also disable your account at any time.

In the above ubuntu screenshot, I had dragged and dropped a file and uploaded into my Hotfile account. If I check my Hotfiles account in my browser, my file is there. 🙂

This feature is dependent on your system login. So even while executing the same Neembuu Uploader, your uploads will go into your account and someone else has their  uploads will go into a different account.

Do drop in your comments.

Links: Neembuu Uploader

JJSplit: Free Opensource alternative for HJSplit

I’ve been using Linux for some months and was searching through the synaptic Package Manager and cannot find an equivalent Utility to HJ Split. The Linux version of HJ Split was not very effective and I went through many forums and posts. Got some results but not really satisfied!

I wondered if I’m just not using the right search parameters?

So, I tried randomly by replacing ‘H’ with ‘J’ in HJ Split as in for example I have entered JJ Split and hit the search button.

I found a software that is named JJ Split.

What does it do?

  • A file splitter made in java to split and join files very quickly for easier transfer over the internet.
  • It has the option to delete parts one by one while joining/splitting.
  • Supports joining .001, .002 parts as well. Just double click to join the files..”
  • I was pleasantly surprised and stunned in its speed and performance. It guess it is surely be few times faster than any other software like  HJ Split.
jj split1
jj split

Features of JJSplit

  • Just open the first part to join.
  • Option to delete the parts one by one while joining to free up space and time.
  • Multithreading (supports multiple splitting and joining at the same time)
  • Portability (no need to install)
  • Platform-independent
  • Supports joining the popular .001, .002 split-files as well..
Requires Java to be installed but chances are that if you are downloading this, you probably already have Java installed.

I found that, it is a product created by a student by name Vigneshwaran. 🙂

Hats off to him for making my splitting and joining tasks more easier than ever before  🙂

Links : GTUG Madurai | Sf.net | softpedia

Share Large Files For Free Online with WeTransfer

We all spend our maximum time online, thus it’s very common that we need to share files frequently with our friends. I have used many file sharing sites, but I like WeTransfer most. It is the quickest way to share your files with your friends.

WeTransfer.com is a web application which allows you to share large files and the best part you don’t need any kind of registration while sharing files. Here are few features of WeTransfer:

  • Shares upto 2 GB
  • Files are available upto 2 weeks
  • Your and yours friends Email Id will be kept as private
  • You can share files with 20 friends simultaneously
  • Inbuilt Virus Scanner to make safe transfer
  • No registration required


WeTransfer is easy to use , just follow these simple steps:

  • Open their official page
  • Upload files ( once you send 2 GB file, you can send another 2 GB)
  • Add Email Id of your friends
  • Add Your Email Id, this will help you to know to notify whenever your friends are downloading the files
  • You can add message while sharing files.

Isn’t it easy to share files on WeTranfer , when it’s too urgent and you don’t have time to register or login to any web application? WeTransfer is excellent and free service for sharing your large files online.

Reduce Hibernate File Size in Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems released by Microsoft. But if you just installed Windows 7 on your computer, you might have noticed that hibernation is disabled by default in Windows 7. But if you want to enable it, follow the guide we posted earlier. Now, as most of us know that it stores all the hibernation information in the hard disk which can be really large in size.

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DocsPal: Convert and View Files in Any Format Easily

DocsPal is a free online file converter and viewer that supports a variety of image formats, documents formats including achieves, PDF, PowerPoint, Doc, Docx, Xls, open office documents and many other file formats to be converted from one format to other. With no registration required at any point, the conversion is a three-step simple process.

Also read:

With a simple user interface, you need to upload the file from your computer, choose the original format of the uploaded file and choose the desired file format in the next column and click convert to obtain the file in the format of your choice! You can choose to send the download link to your email id or download after the conversion from their server.

File viewer is yet another feature on Docs Pal, where you can view the on your computer by uploading them to Docs Pal. This feature can be of great use for the unsupported file formats on your system or, if you do not want to convert a file, you can view it directly on their website.

You are allowed to convert a maximum of 5 files at a time. Maximum file size of 20 MB is allowed. Currently in its beta, Docs Pal is a very useful and document friendly web service.

What’s your opinion about the service? Drop a line.

3 Tools To UnZip Files Online

There are many tools like winrar, winzip for zipping and unzipping files. But sometimes when you want to unzip a file at your work place and you don’t have a unzipper installed on PC, then what will you do ? So, always a online unzipper will be the best option anywhere at anytime. Just upload the zip file and hit the button to download the files which are zipped inside.

1. WobZIP

WobZIP is a free online tool that allows you to uncompress your files online. Now you can unzip your files in school, at work or anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. It scans your compressed files using an anti-virus(Bitdefender) scanner so any infected files will be removed before you download them onto your computer.

2. Open RAR File

Open Rar File is an online archive creater and extractor. You can unzip files which supports zip, tar and tgz file archives. To unzip a file, simply go to the unzip section and upload your archive.

3. Filetac –

If you want to zip files online, then try Filetac. It is a simple online app, where you can Upload your files and get one zip file to download. Just browse the files and It will upload all your files and creates a zip file for you to download. The maximum number of files you can upload are 30 files and each file has a size restriction of 10 MB.

Update: Filetac.com currently seems to be gone defunct.

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Now you can unzip and zip files online anywhere at your workplace, schools, colleges etc.

Do drop in your comments to us and let us know if you know any more such online tools and your views on them.