Coral-200-Solar: First Solar Powered Mobile

“Coral-200-Solar” is the first mobile phone equipped with solar battery. The model was launched by Digicel, but it has been produced by a China based company – ZTE. Unfortunately the producer has not given much details about the technical specifications of the solar powered phone, but being a mobile for people with small budgets, the […]

Now Easily Sync Contacts of your Mobile Phone with Google Account!

Syncing all your details on mobile handsets with computers have become really very important to avoid any accidental loss of data (especially contacts, memos and messages) on your phone. If you have ever lost your mobile phone or come across any software issues, then you must be knowing how important it is to make a […]

T-Mobile’s G1 Tweaked for Multi-Touch Support!

Since having a glimpse on the multi touch feature in Apple’s i-phone, every mobile phone user wanted to see this feature on their Nokia or other branded mobiles too. iPhone was hyped in around the world just because the unique multi-touch feature in it. People just went crazy to have a look and feel on […]

Browsershots – Online Web Design Testing in Different Browsers

This article is for web designers here. I recommend this articles to all bloggers as well. Many bloggers go for free third-party themes which may not follow standards all the time, so you can check if theme you are using is working fine in all major browsers. Reason for highlighting major in above line is, […]

Open Signed Online – Get Symbian Apps Signed for Free [Mobile]

In past, whenever I wrote any post for symbian OS mobiles, I recieved many comments/mails saying that SIS files I referred cannot be installed. The problem was many of them was unsigned. While few people turn-off certificate (signed) verification, rest either don’t know how to do it or need a signed version for some reason. […]