5 Biggest Threats to Aakash Tablet’s Success!

India has recently introduced a tablet device, named Aakash and it is a project headed by the Indian Government. It will be priced at $35, which is a ridiculously low price considering most tablet devices are not less than a few hundred US dollars. The idea is to introduce young students in India, to the digital world […]

Amazon’s Kindle Fire vs Apple’s iPad 2; which one you should go for

Amazon.com just launched its latest tablet Amazon’s Kindle Fire in market which could give a good competition to the top selling tablet PC i.e. Apple’s iPad 2. Kindle Fire is much cheaper than Apple’s iPad but with lots of limitations in hardware as well as in its software type. Let’s have a look at both […]

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 7.7: Then Removes it Because of Court-Orders

I still remember the year 2009, people hardly took announcements of a tablet device very seriously. Mainly tablet computers were just fancy gadgets no one really bought. Apple then introduced iPad and the rules of the game changed. The tablet market is growing with almost a new Tablet being unveiled every month. Samsung has unveiled […]

[Rumour] Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on September 7th!

Apple released the iPhone 4 more than a year ago 7th June 2010. Since the past six months there has been a lot of speculation about when the iPhone 5 will be released. Generally, it was thought that the new iPhone will be unveiled in October as the September event was usually reserved for iPod […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Arrives: Tablet Wars Spread to India!

Blackberry was the big fish for the smartphone industry. That position seems a little shaky with Apple iPhone gaining a lot of users, fans and momentum. Apple has taken the Indian market seriously after 3G services have gone live. They did this by introducing the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 in India. Now, Blackberry is […]

Apple’s iCloud to Legalize Pirated Music!

Apple has yesterday, announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) the new cloud storage service called iCloud. This iCloud service has been anticipated and expected for a while now. With iPod, iPhones and more recently iPads, there may be more than one Apple device which people might use everyday. This raises the need for […]

[Tablet] Acer ICONIA Tab A500 to be priced Rs 27,990 in India

Acer has become a household name in India when it comes to netbooks or laptops. Lower priced than other brands, Acer has marked a niche for themselves in India. So it is not really surprising that they have launched a range of tablets in India. The most impressive of them seems to be the Acer […]