Voxli – Voice conference with no registration!

I always wondered if there is a way out to talk with remote teammates while playing Counter Strike and now Voxli makes me happy at last.

It is the solution for all those who want to hold conferences for a short time, probably to get acquainted with someone you met on Facebook or somewhere else on this internet world.

Voxli Features

  • The simplicity of using it adds up  to the comfort. It is as simple as holding a button and talking (No sign-up needed)
  • Just visit Voxli and share the URL with your friends and start talking. This is as anonymous as it can get. 🙂

  • If you are talkative then you can switch the hands free on and do all the talking.
  • You can even install a add-on and use this feature without giving a tab of your browser to their site.

So if you are looking for online voice chat without wanting to share your skype or Gmail ID, then Voxli is quite perfect. Try it out and do drop in your views and comments.

Link: Voxli