Google Apps ‘not free’ anymore?

Google app Just now I noticed a Google ad that directed users to sign up for Google Apps and get 30 days free trail. And immediately after seeing the ad, I was wondering whether Google have removed the ‘free’ tag from its customized domains based application – Google Apps. Just after that, I followed the link on the ad wherein, as earlier, no comparison chart between standard edition and premier edition was available and by that time I was almost sure that Google Apps will not be free any more. 🙁

But, after having a sharp watch on each and every words, I found a link reading ‘Compare to Standard Edition’ that took me to the comparison chart I was talking about earlier in this post.

Google apps1

So guys do not panic, once you are landed on the comparison page, everything could be done as earlier and of course ‘for free’. 😉 Direct link to signup for standard edition is here.

Links: Google Ad directed page | Compare ‘Standard Edition’ page | Sign Up for Standard Edition

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Gautam January 2, 2009


On every domain site, it said Free Google Apps.. the last time I checked. (3-4 days back)

Maybe they were just trying to attract people to Google Apps and then earn money from it.

Gautam January 2, 2009

Still, on name[dot]com, it is not showing anything like Google Apps arent free. Maybe they would show after we buy the domain and enable Google Apps.
I dont want to enable and test it 😛
As I found it difficult to disable them last time I activated them. /)

Abhishek January 3, 2009

Thats every web marketer policy to gain the premium customers. its there I am seeing this since past 4 months !! But Google apps is still Free.

p@r@noid January 4, 2009

No doubt with this speed if tomorrow I will open Google chrome and the first message which pops up will be ” Pay 30$ /month to use super fast premium Google chrome” 😛

Chetan January 5, 2009

Its really shocking news, currently i am using Google apps for free 🙂

Chetan January 5, 2009

Hey dude,
Standard edition is still there
Check it out ,,…

VISHAL January 5, 2009

Anyways thanks for the info dude 😉

Abhishek January 5, 2009

Till Then enjoy so called free ones

Deepak Jain January 7, 2009

@ Gautam
As Abhishek said, that’s every webmaster’s policy to extract as much juice out of their service. As such, all these things are being done by guys at Google 😉

@ Paranoid
I rely on Google, I don’t think they would ever do so.

@ Chetan
Buddy, even I said that it Google apps are still free, but that ‘Free Edition’ link has been displayed in a corner of the page, making apps users think that free edition has been stopped. 🙂

@ Vishal
Thank buddy 🙂
Welcome to DevilsWorkshop

Gautam January 9, 2009


Lol, after a couple of days, i would open GMail
Popup -> 30$!!
Popup -> 60$!!

hahahaha =))
lol 😛

El Nino July 4, 2009

Now even the comparison page is not available 😀 Google completely hiding that. But your direct link still available.

Erin August 5, 2011

i have a gmail account but i can not go on it because they are not letting me on it.

A unhappy gmail user