Download all Google related software in one go

If you are a fan of Google products (I must say its getting increasingly hard to come across someone who is not) you might be using Google related software on your computer. As I am about to buy a new computer, I was looking up what is new that Google has to offer. Google Pack is a nice one stop shop to download various Google related software you might want to download in one go.

Google Pack

About Google Pack

  • Visit the Google Pack page, and look up which Google affiliated software is missing on your computer.
  • You can check which one you want installed and start downloading.
  • Google Pack includes Chrome browser, Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Apps, Google Desktop, Picassa, Real Player, Adobe Reader, Google Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer and Skype.
  • All these software applications can be downloaded from just once installation if you are using a Windows OS.
  • If you are using a Mac, you might want to check out their Mac page which also is a one stop page to download various mac related Google applications.

Try it out and let me know what you think about Google Pack through your comments. 🙂

Links: Google Pack (Win) | Mac


Harsh Agrawal December 23, 2009

Nice I almost forget about Google pack.I had this one when I was in college and it went out of focus after that

Sourish Nath December 24, 2009

Google pack has some real good apps , but rarely anyone knows about it.maybe google didnt publicize it for the reason it might have flaws which might be revealed on mass usage .
Regards ,

Aditya Kane December 25, 2009

Anti- competitive rules are quite strict in the US. You usually allowed to give a service but not promote it to undercut other services. Especially if the medium (search engine market) is dominated with over 60% share. THat is one reason the law did now allow Google to buy Yahoo.