Use Google Reader to know your friend’s friends!

The commenting feature in Google Reader was enabled a couple of months back. By enabling this feature you can: (1) Comment on any item you’ve shared with your friends, or any item your friends have shared with you, and (2). Write and keep track of all the comments.
To further improvise this, Google introduced some changes today, to the ‘comments’ section’ in Google Reader.

Redesign Google Reader with Google Redesigned for Firefox!

Previously Gmail users used Gmail redesigned GreaseMonkey based scripts to improve the looks of their Gmail inbox, but later on, with the introduction of ‘Themes’ in Gmail, many users using Gmail Redesigned scripts left it over and migrated to themes option as it was officially being provided by Google. And now, many Google reader users […]

Google Reader – Read 2000 Posts Offline in 4 Steps!

Here is a very simple 4 step guide to read 2000 posts from Google Reader offline. Note all screenshots in this posts shows top-right area! Step 1: Click on offline link when in Google Reader! It will show a popup like following. Just Click Install Google Gears. Step 2: A file named Google Gear will […]