Google Reader – Read 2000 Posts Offline in 4 Steps!

Here is a very simple 4 step guide to read 2000 posts from Google Reader offline.

Note all screenshots in this posts shows top-right area!

Step 1: Click on offline link when in Google Reader!

Google Reader Offline Link - Devils Workshop

It will show a popup like following. Just Click Install Google Gears.

Google Reader Offline - Devils Workshop

Step 2: A file named Google Gear will be downloaded to your windows desktop! Just run that!

Google Geasr Installer

At this point restart your browser(s) if open.

Step 3: Then open up your browser and go to Google Reader again.

A security warning will be displayed. You can click Allow without reading it!

Google Reader Offline - Security Warning - Devils Workshop

Step 4: Start offline mode by clicking on green icon as shown in following screenshot!

Google Reader Start Offline Mode - Devils Workshop

It will show Downloading 2000 items message like below…

Google Reader Downloading 2000 items - Devils Workshop

When it will complete, you will get notification saying you are now in offline mode.

Google Reader Back to Online Mode - Devils Workshop

At this point you can disconnect your Internet connection or start downloading from torrent! 🙂

Recommended for…

  • Dial-Up users as slow speed affects resonsiveness. Once in offline mode, you can navigate through 2000 posts as they seem online but with 0 second load-time.
  • Also if you get charged as per time of day! You can download 2000 items in say happy hours and read them at your leisure! 🙂