Top 10 Google Search Myths Revealed!

Chris Beasley, founder of Website Publisher, wrote an interesting article revealing top 10 myths about Google Search! Chris quotes, “there are many myths about how Google works and, while fairly harmless in themselves, these myths tend to allow people to draw incorrect conclusions about how Google works. The purpose of this article is to correct […]

6 Most Frequently Used Google Search Operators For Better Searching!

Google supports several operators which gives you more control on search results. There are too many search operators to remember. Also, not all of them are useful all the time. So I am describing today only the most frequently used search operators alongwith real-life examples. College students will particularly find examples more interesting! 😉 >> […]

New Google Search Feature – Live & Recent Cricket Scores are just One-Click Away!

Just type cricket in a Google search box and you’ll see a brief score of all the current cricket matches. A single click will also give you access to a detailed cricket score card. (see following screenshot…) If you’re a diehard India fan, then type cricket india or cricket score India England to get results […]

Firefox Tweaks: Address bar as Search BOX – Let Google make you feel Lucky!

If you use address bar as search box in Mozilla Firefox then you can skip to advance options! Yes in Mozilla Firefox you can just type your search query in address bar and get the search results displyed to you! By default, whenever you hit enter after typing anything in address bar (also called navigation […]

SEO: Get higher Google pagerank by naming files and/or blog post titles optimally!

Before reading ahead… please note that this is not something which can burst traffic to your site/blog overnight! At Devils Workshop, we are against of all kind of spamming but we value your hard-work and thus would like you to help you to get maximum out of it! Thus lazy people and spammers quit here […]

GWIGLE : Learn Googles Secret While Playing!

Gwigle is an online puzzle game that actually teaches you Google search tricks as you play. Each screen shows a few search results along with the search string at the top. One word is replaced with question marks; it’s your job to fill it in. It’s hands-on education that feels more like you’re playing a […]