Use GreaseMonkey Scripts with Chrome officially

If you are using Firefox and Chrome, the one big complaint you would have had is that Chrome browser does not support Greasemonkey scripts. GreaseMonkey scripts are scripts that run inside Firefox thanks to installing the Greasemonkey addon.

There have been ways to get Grease monkey scripts running inside Chrome before and one way was using GreaseMetal for the Chorme. Now Google Chrome version 4.0 has officially offered support for GreaseMonkey scripts.

GreaseMonkey on Chrome

  • This of-course means that over 40,000 add-ons are now available on the Chrome browser and basically takes the one thing that might be keeping away Firefox loyalists from moving over to Chrome.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome. It needs to be a stable version of Chrome version 4.0 (stable) was recently released.
  • I used Grease Monkey scripts which I use with Firefox and have had no trouble using any one of them. But I am not really a GreaseMonkey fiend and hence I am sure that in these early stages many scripts might not work with Chrome browser.
  • Why I liked Chrome’s approach was because unlike Firefox where you had to install a Grease Monkey add-on and then install the script from, with Chrome you simply download the script and Chrome automatically converts it into an extension.

Sounds cool? I think it would give that extra push to some Firefox loyalists to move to Chrome if not atleast most of them will feel a sense of familiarity with Chrome.

Let me know what do you think about Google Chrome supporting Grease Monkey scripts?

7 replies on “Use GreaseMonkey Scripts with Chrome officially”

    1. Ruchi: thanks I agree its just awesome news.
      Akshay: The greasemonkey extension does not need to be installed. Its prepacked into newest Chrome version. All oyu need is to download the scripts from which are converted into extensions by Chrome

  1. I installed some of the scripts but they did not work on the new chrome…. i dont think they work with the new one…

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