Narendra Modi on Google+ Hangout: Indian Politics Just Got More Social

Google+ might not be getting a lot of buzz but its Hangout feature is being increasingly adopted. So it is not very surprising, that Gujaratā€™s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi will be on a Google+ Hangout session which will be availableĀ  on YouTube Live. Google+ Hangouts is not new to politicians using it for interactive sessions. […]

Hangouts for Gmail Users: Smartest Move for Google+

A lot my friends from the blogosphere consider Google+ a flop show. But despite the flop status, it enjoys a very popular service called Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts allows users to video chat with many users at the same time. Hangouts are popular on tablets and even mobile phones. Google has announced that Hangouts for Gmail […]

Google+ Hangouts Can Become Public Broadcasts!

Google+ started out pretty much as a much better designed copy of Facebook. The user-interface and privacy options certainly earned it some approval but people in general did not flock to it in droves. That is because, you cannot dislodge a leader (read Facebook) by just creating a clone of it. Google seems to be […]