Google+ Hangouts Can Become Public Broadcasts!

Google+ started out pretty much as a much better designed copy of Facebook. The user-interface and privacy options certainly earned it some approval but people in general did not flock to it in droves. That is because, you cannot dislodge a leader (read Facebook) by just creating a clone of it.

Google seems to be realizing this and has started leveraging its one truly different product called Hangouts.
Yesterday, Google announced that users can publicly broadcast their Hangouts.

How to start Public Broadcast of Hangouts!

  • Start a hangout with your Google+ friends. A new option to broadcast Hangouts will be available.
  • Select it and start with the Hangout. The whole Hangout will be available on your Google+ profile publicly. Google+ users will be able to watch it live.
  • What makes Hangouts more interesting is that the public Hangouts will also be streamed on your YouTube channel. It can also be embedded on a website or blog.
Check the video below that shows a demo of public broadcast of a Google+ Hangout.

Skype needs to watch out!

I remember writing a post on 5 companies that Google+ could put out of business. One of them was Skype and that is because currently, it is used often to record online interviews. Hangouts could potentially replace Skype and its relevancy very quickly.

What are your views on Public Broadcasting of Hangouts? Do drop in your comments.

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Raquel johnson May 9, 2012

Wow ultimately My thinking matched with the Google plus concept !
Google Plus is now becoming socially far better than Facebook !

piyush May 19, 2012

very usefull information to me sir
thanx a lot