Beware! Orkut Hackers Sending Fake eMails!

Beware all Orkut users! Now hackers are sending friend request emails that look similar to any genuine Orkut email. Below are screen shots of emails sent by hackers:



At first, you might find similarities in both the emails, but on a closer observation, I found that all the links in that mail that came to me are redirected to the following address

Initially, I didn’t look for anything and just clicked on that link in the email and even typed my Login details in the fields. That is when I remembered that I had saved my Password and Username for Orkut in my Firefox Browser. I saw the URL and I was shocked to see it.


Now, how does this work?

Basically, hacking using fake Login pages is called as Phishing…

  • When you click on sign in, the Login form will go to another file. In this case the file name is process.php
  • Now this process.php file will contain the code in the below image.
    Now the highlighted FILENAME.TXT file’s name can be anything that can be kept as a secret.
  • The FILENAME.TXT file stores the Username and Password entered into the fields of the fake Login page

Please be careful while logging into Orkut account. Just TRIPLE CHECK the URL if you see an Orkut Login page that you have not TYPED yourself in the in the address bar 🙂

Still, I’m doing research on this site to crack out what that .txt filename is..!! 😛


Anand Jain May 3, 2009

Thanks Lot For such Kind Information..

Dnyanesh May 11, 2009

Reported it to Google! 🙂