How 10 Billion Android Apps Got Downloaded! [Infographic]

The debate on comparing iOS and Android might go on for a long time, with no real winner. But Android is truly a very one of the most popular platform for mobile phones and tablets. It is open-sourced and many developers keep creating new apps for them. Android has reached 10 Billion downloads of their […]

How Modems Evolved With The Internet! [Infographic]

I still remember my dial-up modem from more than 10 years ago. Back in those days, the speed that modem could handle was 33.6 kbps. Simply checking your email would take 10 full minutes and uploading a photo album could actually end up driving your phone bill up. 🙂 The internet has evolved and so […]

Flowchart to Decide Which Social Network to Post on!

Social networks are far too many to many in number and often we are a little confused on where should you update a particular status. Does it go on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare and there is even the option of being prudent by not posting at all. 😉 Here is a nice flowchart by Breaking […]

Facebook’s Embarrassing Failures [Infographic]

Facebook has an interesting and well chronicled history. Its began from as a project between friends in Harvard and has ended up being a social media behemoth with over 700 million active users. The social network has not been with out its embarrassing failures. It has been criticized for constant design changes or privacy concerns never seem […]

[Infographic] Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs

The information technology world has been pretty much shaped by two industry giants. Bill Gates the man behind Microsoft and Steve Jobs the man behind Apple. Both have been often pitted against each other, very much like their respective companies have been. A few months ago we featured an infographic on Microsoft Vs. Apple. Now […]

[Infographic] What Exactly Are Websites Made Up Of!

We might think the internet is outwardly full of images, text and video. But it is mainly many lines written in mark up languages along with being hosted on different servers. Last week, we published a post on Internet in 60 Seconds which touched on data and content being shared and created online every minute. […]

[Infographic] What Happens Every 60 Seconds on the Web!

The internet is a very busy place. People are sharing photos, sending emails, publishing blog posts, searching for things, watching videos and more. About 168 million emails are sent, over 600,000 search queries are made and 1500+ blog posts are published every 60 seconds on the internet. See the infographic by Go-Gulf below for some interesting […]