Facebook’s Value from Few Thousands to $100 Billion!

Way back in 2004 when Google announced it IPO, I was not really into following tech blogs. I read about it in newspapers and some magazines. I did realize that it was a once in a generation type of company that could start with such small scale and become worth several billions. Today I am […]

[Infographic] WordPress in Numbers!

WordPress it seems is growing at a faster rather than ever before. But it is not just growth that is interesting but also its how it is being adopted by popular websites. For instance 48% of the top 100 blogs use WordPress. Yoast recently featured a nice infographic about various statistics related to WordPress. What […]

Create Infographic Styled Resumes with Information from Facebook/Linkedin

Yesterday, I wrote about an online tool that can help you improve your resume by grading it and also giving additional tips. Recently, you might have come across very creative resumes which are designed like an infographic. ResumUp is a website that allows users to create an infographic styled resume from data taken from your LinkedIn […]

Top 10 Ways People Are Scammed! [Infographic]

The internet is full of the websites that cheat users by getting the user’s valuable information and selling them to third parties. It is not easy to predict which site might be scamming you. But most scams are quite simple and obvious. This list compiled by Better Business Bureau shows how even though most poeple are aware […]

[Infographic] How Mobile Apps Compare: Android vs iOS

Increasingly the fight for who controls smart-phones the world over, has become iOS (Apple) vs. Android (Google). This is because more than specifications of a phone, apps have become more important. Apps make mobiles phones more personal and people tend to not migrate from one platform to another if they are hooked on to apps […]

Mobile Phone Ownership by Country [Infographic]

Did you know India has the second most number of mobile phone owners in the world? Also that in Russia there are 1.54 mobiles phones connections per person. Which means quite a few people in Russia who have more than one phone. This infographic by SoMobile is full of such interesting stats. It also shows […]

Are You a Geek or a Nerd – Infographic [TDIS]

If you are someone who reads a lot of books, follows technology, knows about different operating systems and enjoy watching sci-fi movies or TV series, then chances are you have either been called a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’. I have always found both terms quite similar except that being called a ‘geek’ was cooler than […]

Is Email Dead or Will it Survive? [Infographic]

I hardly use e-mail to keep in touch with school friends or family members online. I end up using social media. This rise in social media has led to the notion that email might be dead in the near future. Here is a infographic by visiblegains showing how Email is alive and kicking along with […]