[Infographic] Quick Look at Programming Languages!

I am not a programmer, I don’t find poetry in code. But I do blog and appreciate what programmers have been able to do over the last 60 odd years. They have literally helped create a world where borders do not exist. So what are programming languages and how did they evolve? How have they […]

[Infographic] Microsoft vs Apple: History of the Computer Giants!

Microsoft and Apple have both, defined the world of computers in the past couple of decades. Both, were new start-ups and when compared to IBM, no one gave much of a chance to either company. The two companies not only have managed to race ahead of any other tech companies over the years but have […]

[Infographic] The 6 Different Types of Twitter Profiles!

I was not really into Twitter before I became a blogger. Even as a blogger I try to tweet only useful things. One problem is who should I follow and who I should not. People are very different on Facebook compared to Twitter. Twitter users can spam, complain or simply write update mundane things like […]