How Apple’s Brands Ruled Twitter in 2011

Apple is known for it’s beautifully crafted iPods, iPhones and iPads. Apple’s gadgets and its wizardry with them, is the stuff of tech folklore. There are thousands of articles online which write about how good these gadgets are. Apple is really good at design but something people often not understand is how good it is at marketing its products.

Twitter released a list of top tech topics for 2011 and an incredible  4 topics are related to the Apple brand.


It is not surprising as anyone who even wants to run a serious contest, seems to give away free iPods, iPhones or iPads which obviously help the brand on Twitter.

That said, four out of ten from a single company shows how brands from Apple rule Twitter.

Apple has always been very intelligent about its marketing plans. Usually they hardly talk about a product before launching it. If you remember Apple had not even confirmed it was working on a tablet until it was shown off by Steve Jobs.

Here is the entire list of hot topics on Twitter for 2011.