How to Copy Music and Videos from your iPhone to your Computer

ipod-to-itunes(2)Most of us might be using an iPod or even an iPhone to carry our favorite music collection everywhere. Usually I load my iPod with all the latest music releases which I’m able to collect from my friends and relatives computer. But the problem comes when we want to copy those songs from the Apple device [ipod/iphone] onto our computer. iTunes simply doesn’t allow you to do this. So how do you copy your favorite music from your iphone to computer.


iPodrobot is a program which allows you to transfer batches of songs,videos and playlists from your ipod and copy them to your computer hard disk or import them to your itunes library.To do this,just follow these steps on how to transfer music from iPhone to computer.

1) Run iPodrobot ipod to computer transfer software.


2) Connect the iphone or ipod to your system.

3) Mark the music or videos you would like to copy to your system and click “Copy To iTunes” or “Copy To Folder” button.

Transferring photos to computer


Transferring Music from iPod to your computer.


Features of iPodrobot software

  • Easily get all the music, videos, and photos off your iPod and transfer them to your computer folder or iTunes.
  • Supports all iPod and iPhone models.
  • All song ratings, comments, play counts, the songs’ order, and even volume adjustments will be preserved.
  • Protect your iPod against unwanted iTunes synchronizations.

Converting Videos to iPod/iPhone Compatible formats

Although iPods and iPhones have the ability to play videos,these devices supports a certain types to formats only.So you will have to convert those incompatible videos before loading it into your iPod.Download this free iphone video converter software to convert videos into ipod compatible format.


To do this,first select your ipod model and convert profile.Add the video source file and click start to begin the conversion. After finishing the conversion,copy them to your iphone and enjoy.

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