Do you Like Microsoft’s new logo for Windows 8?

Logos are probably the most important identity of a brand. That is why even when companies change their logo, they do not opt for a complete break from the past. As you might know the Microsoft is busy building Windows 8, which might show up on tablets, mobile phones and PCs later this year. Microsoft […]

The top 10 all-time great Google Doodles

Ever thought how many colors does the regular Google logo have? Did you know that when the traditional logo encapsulates the 3 primary colors- Blue, Red, Yellow- Green as Google did not want to merely ‘follow’ rules. This list is all about the best Google doodles we have seen in the past decade. So which one of those make it to my top 10?

Hidden meaning behind some famous logos

A logo is very important as an identity for a company or a brand. A logo ideally is expected to be creative and interesting. Many companies do a lot or research and take efforts to come up with that one awesome logo which signifies their company. Most times such logos say something more than what […]

Guess the correct logo online game for brand geeks

Logos are something that really makes a company or service instantly identifiable. For instance a “t” symbol of Twitter on a webpage is enough for anyone to guess it leads to a link to a Twitter profile. An image is probably the most easily recognized by anyone. That is the reason bloggers will have the […]