Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate is out

Firefox two days ago announced that it is coming out with a release candidate (RC) version of Firefox 3.6. Previously you might have read up on Firefox 3.6 beta version update. Now with this Release candidate version Mozilla will probably start the transition towards version 3.7 and the much awaited and hyped Firefox ver 4.

Firefox 3.6 has had over 5 beta versions and using it I am very satisfied with its compatibility with add-ons while most of them have been updated now.


Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate

  • Now you can change the appearance of the browser with a single click using Personas.
  • It has improved support for new CSS and HTML5 technology.
  • It will support third party applications integrating with Firefox to improve stability.
  • It will alert the users about out of date plugins.
  • Improved automatic form fill with better options.
  • Better JavaScript performance along with improved start up time for the browser. I personally did not find much difference after installing the Release Candidate version with the time it took to start up.
  • You can manually update it from their website but if you have 3.6 beta version it should update automatically.

I am not a software testing expert but since the upgrade I feel the Mozilla Labs features which I had installed with my Firefox seem to be working a lot better and in a streamlined way. I think this will be quite crucial considering the applications and features in Labs which are present now will be the mainstay of Firefox’s version 4. Even though it is rumored that version 4 will be out towards the end of the year, its integration of applications lying in Mozilla labs will be crucial. I think it will get a lot better with Firefox 3.7 and we might be soon using some features like Weave in a more friendlier and reliable way.

Do let me know what do you think about the new release candidate? Download it from here.


Rikky martin January 12, 2010

I currently use Firefox old verison and i have no any problem with it.its working nice and its speed is good.i heard that Firefox release Firefox 3.6 but they till not release it.

mansingh January 12, 2010

thats very cool
but there is one demerit which i hate
my firefox often get restarted and comes up with a crash
whenever there is lots of tabs open .
Can you come up with any solution ?

Aditya Kane January 12, 2010

@Mansingh: Not aware of the number of Tabs you have open. If you do not face the same issue with other browsers maybe a fresh install might help. I often have 4-5 at the minimum tabs open on firefox for hours and it usually never crashes. But if I do overdo it and go to 10 tabs and keep them on, it does crash. I have the same issue with all browser which includes IE and CHrome. THe only browser which hasnt crashed with over 10-15 tabs open is Opera but a lot of add-ons and functionality is not available on Opera.