Check if your website is mobile friendly

If someone says ‘the internet’ our minds immediately pulls up an image of someone on a PC or a Notebook. Hence the priority of website design is usually on how a person using a PC or Notebook might perceive it. A report suggests that over 20 Million people access websites through their mobile devices every […]

Check how people with color blindness might view your website

Color blindness is a condition which is prevalent among almost upto 10% of the population. This can mean that if you have a website, its color scheme can perceived differently by 10% of the visitors. Most common condition is when a person mixes up colors which are shades of green and blue. The question that […]

Create free Wiki online with Intodit

Yesterday I came across a online tool called Intodit to create a Wiki on just about anything. This is quite useful to create documentation or have a group working on a project to create a reference guide for some day in the future. It can also be used for non-professional needs like creating a wiki […]

Over 40 different languages – Teach or Learn while you sit at home!

Would you like to learn a foreign language? Or would you like to teach one? And, all of this by just sitting at home, without having to go anywhere? On, you can learn a language online in a personalized class for more than 40 different languages. If you are a teacher and would like […]

Aviary: A Free Collection of Online Image Editing Tools

Edit images, create mind-blowing effects, design logos, find colors, collaborate, and more. All you need is a web browser! Its Free!

Aviary is a company developed by a large number of people and by the developers of Shorten URLs and earn some extra money too!

Coming your way is a new URL shortener called There are many other URL shorteners available online, so you could be wondering what’s so new about this one? comes with a twist – every time someone visits one of your shortened links, you will be paid money!

Loonapix: Create Funny Photos Online for Free!

Here’s your chance to make your photos funny and unique by using the free photo editing online service – Loonapix. Just embed your face from a photograph to any of the templates you like from their library, add a unique photo frame to it or maybe just stylize it with some effects and you have some creative pictures ready within minutes!

Your 5 Random Twitter Tools

Twitter is now a part of our online life and we all devour it. It is somewhat a 24/7 knowledge base altogether. Definitely these are just five random tools, there are now hundreds of them populated on the internet to let you become a power twitter user, so just fasten your seat belts… there is a lot more to come your way.

Free Online Backup for home users by Mozy

A friend of mine always preached about the importance of taking backups. He regularly used to take backups of his data on an external hard disk, only to find out that one day it too crashed! Since then, he has been burning CDs every weekend to accomplish the back up tasks. Oh well… someone as lazy as I am would never have done that.