Check how people with color blindness might view your website

Color blindness is a condition which is prevalent among almost upto 10% of the population. This can mean that if you have a website, its color scheme can perceived differently by 10% of the visitors. Most common condition is when a person mixes up colors which are shades of green and blue.

The question that needs answering is does it affect someone viewing your website? Would a mix of certain colors confuse or make the website difficult to navigate? I came across Vischeck a website which simulate different ways color scheme of your website could be perceived.


  • I just needed to go to their website, enter the URL of the website and get an simulation of how someone with color blindness would perceive the website.
  • There are multiple options to select for simulating color visual of a website. It has limitations as it does not simulate colors properly if website has Flash or certain type of Java Script operations.
  • I did the simulation with our very own Devils Workshop and tried to see if it could have any issues in color perception.

Devils Workshop screenshot in Normal browser


Devils Workshop screenshot in Vischeck mode


If you look at the comparison, the teal coloured text which we have on Devils Workshop can be perceived as purple. This is not much of an issue for DW, as the background is white and we have written material which is predominant rather than images.

A lot of our readers also have their own blogs and I think if you have websites with a lot of color you might want to take a look at Vischeck to see if someone visiting your site is not being inconvenienced with the color scheme inadvertently.

Do look up some websites with Vischeck and let me know through your comments if you have got some interesting results.


BlogrPro November 17, 2009

This one is really cool to use. Have tried for my blog and to my luck, it was best for me.

George Serradinho November 17, 2009

Wow, I never knew about this site. I’m going over to see how others would see my blog, I have my fingers cross 🙂

color blindness August 4, 2010

very nice this post gives me lot of new things to know about color blindness hope u will continue this job in future cause people who are suffering from this color blindness are being helped by this post.