Check if your website is mobile friendly

If someone says ‘the internet‘ our minds immediately pulls up an image of someone on a PC or a Notebook. Hence the priority of website design is usually on how a person using a PC or Notebook might perceive it. A report suggests that over 20 Million people access websites through their mobile devices every single day.


  • Mobile Validator is an online tool which can help you find out, how mobile friendly is a particular website. Just visit the Validator W3C website and enter the URL and click on Check.
  • It will carry out a bunch of tests and show results on if the website is mobile friendly or not.

I tested some popular websites with Mobile Validator.


This test proves the should work absolutely fine being accessed with any mobile device. The image shows the results after the test.

mobileok_check3 is obviously not a URL which is mobile friendly. The result “This page is not mobile friendly” was actually surprising and I did not really expect to fail the test.

mobileok_check4 when tested did much better than MSN. It scored a 93/100 3 tests failed out of 50. This does mean that some mobile devices might have issues viewing

So if you have a website or a blog which you plan to make it available online, you might want to lookup Mobile Validator to carry out certain benchmarks for the website.

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