4 Ways To Scan Suspicious Files/Email Attachments Online Using Virus Total

Many times we receive an email containing some attachments which look suspicious. You might have come across some unknown files in your USB pen drive. Such files gets created automatically when transfer data to/from your USB drive at public places colleges, cyber cafes, etc. Having a good and updated antivirus program running on your PC […]

Blog.Co.In Pays you for Blogging!

Yesterday I saw a Google ad on Devilsworkshop about Blog.Co.In. I found that the user interface of Blog.Co.In just like Blogger or WordPress but since it’s powered by wordpress, we can call it as the Indian version of wordpress. πŸ˜‰ While the dashboard is just like the wordpress itself, the major difference is that you […]

3 Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Blog/Website

This topic might seem a bit awkward, since its the big bloggers that are successful in making money from their blogs. Many people have been asking me recently about alternative to AdSense. So, I thought that maybe I should share a few interesting and working money making techniques. In fact these help me a lot […]