4 Ways To Scan Suspicious Files/Email Attachments Online Using Virus Total

virustotal-logoMany times we receive an email containing some attachments which look suspicious. You might have come across some unknown files in your USB pen drive. Such files gets created automatically when transfer data to/from your USB drive at public places colleges, cyber cafes, etc.

Having a good and updated antivirus program running on your PC is nice but its not wise to play with suspicious files, particularly when your system have important data. In such situations you can use an online service – VirusTotal.

About VirusTotal

Virustotal is a free and independent service that analyzes suspicious files and try to detect viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by other antivirus engines. They use multiple antivirus engines (36 at the time of writing this post) to scan submitted files.


Four Ways To Use VirusTotal

#1. Online Uploader

This is what you will see on their homepage. A simple file upload form. Good options to use with suspicious files on your hard-drive or USB.


Just select a file and hit upload. Your file will be sent to their server for analysis.


If submitted file is large you will see upload progress bar as well.

Once file is uploaded, you will be redirected to analysis report page for that file. Here is an example report page.


Scanning and reporting happens instantly in most cases! Reason will be explained shortly. πŸ˜‰


#2. Email Files As Attachment

You can use send files as email attachment to their email address: [email protected]. Write word “SCAN” (without quotes) in email subject line and keep body part of your email blank.

This is good option to use with email attachments you receive online. Just forward your email to [email protected]. Do not forget to edit subject line to “SCAN” and remove body-part completely. It will be foolish to download suspicious files to your PC and then upload again them to VirusTotal using way #1.

Only limitation of this way is you can not send files larger than 20MB.

#3. VirusTotal Uploader Tool (for windows only)


This is small utility, just 80KB in size, available for windows only.

After installing this, you can directly submit any file to VirusTotal using context-menu as shown below.


#4. Hash Search (Geeks way!)

I mentioned above that in most cases, scanning and reporting happens instantly. This is because file you are submitting might be submitted already in past by someone else.


VirusTotal computes checksum values for each submitted file using MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 functions. These checksum values are unique for each file. So when you submit a file, VirusTotal first compute checksum for it. For common files, these hash values will likely match with another hash values from database. In that case, you will be redirected to results page directly.

Now if you have large file, you can save your time by computing hash locally using MD5 or openssl command on Linux/Mac. For Windows there must be some software to compute MD5/SHA hash values. Just google it.

Snytax: $ MD5 <filename>

Once you get hash value, copy it,Β  just go to this page, paste it there and hit search!

If you do not find any result, then that only means, file you are having is never submitted for analysis in past. In this case, just try any of above method.

Links: VirusTotal | VirusTotal Uploader | Hash Search


Remix Your Photos Using PhotoFunia!

Many of us want to learn Photoshop for many reasons, but of course we do not have that much of time for such things, there are lot of other things to do. So if you want to create amazing effects without use of Photoshop, then here is a site that has a big list of pre-defined backgrounds and effects to add in your pictures., which was formerly known as, offers a free online service to remix your pictures. This service has following features-

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SignalMap: Locate Cell Phone Coverage in your Area

signalmap Did you ever wanted to know what level of network efficiency you would get in the place you are visiting this weekend, or you are shifting to a new house and want to know whether your operator has network coverage in that area?

Then is a service only for you. πŸ˜‰ Using this β€˜free’ service, any one residing in the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and Germany can check out the network strength of different operators at different places just by sitting in front of their computer screen. All you need to do is just browse SignalMap’s page and fill out the required data. That’s it! Another good thing about signalmap is that, you can even add your signal on their database so that other users can easily know about your area too. πŸ™‚ If anyone knows about availability of such services for other countries too, please do let us know.

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3 Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Blog/Website

Easy Ways to Earn without a BlogThis topic might seem a bit awkward, since its the big bloggers that are successful in making money from their blogs. Many people have been asking me recently about alternative to AdSense. So, I thought that maybe I should share a few interesting and working money making techniques. In fact these help me a lot to earn and guess what, they are easier than you can imagine. And you might be even surprised to know that thousands of people are earning quite a lot this way.

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