SignalMap: Locate Cell Phone Coverage in your Area

signalmap Did you ever wanted to know what level of network efficiency you would get in the place you are visiting this weekend, or you are shifting to a new house and want to know whether your operator has network coverage in that area?

Then is a service only for you. 😉 Using this ‘free’ service, any one residing in the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and Germany can check out the network strength of different operators at different places just by sitting in front of their computer screen. All you need to do is just browse SignalMap’s page and fill out the required data. That’s it! Another good thing about signalmap is that, you can even add your signal on their database so that other users can easily know about your area too. 🙂 If anyone knows about availability of such services for other countries too, please do let us know.

Link: Signal Map

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(Via MakeUseOf)