3 Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Blog/Website

Easy Ways to Earn without a BlogThis topic might seem a bit awkward, since its the big bloggers that are successful in making money from their blogs. Many people have been asking me recently about alternative to AdSense. So, I thought that maybe I should share a few interesting and working money making techniques. In fact these help me a lot to earn and guess what, they are easier than you can imagine. And you might be even surprised to know that thousands of people are earning quite a lot this way.

To start with I am going to tell you about 3 advertising companies which is really making a change in the Lives of advertisers and the people receiving them.

So, here it goes…Who Needs AdSense? πŸ˜‰

1) RUPEEMAIL: This is a really nice one. This company is paying you for receiving Join RupeeMailadvertisements based upon your personal preferences. They give upto Rs. 2 for every ads you get. Just think How much you can earn by receiving 100 ads in a month. They are also paying you Rs. 2 for each friend you refer. This is where I actually make all the money. The payment is sent through checks.


  • You will also get Rs. 2 for each friend you refer
  • You get special discount coupons on various items

My Earnings – Rs 207 approx Weekly.

Link : Click to Sign Up with Rupeemail

2) MGINGER (the best one): This service is similar to Rupeemail. The difference is that the advertisements are send to your mobile through 140 char SMS. Not only that, you also get various offers like free talktime, ringtones, etc. Also you get discount coupons for stores near you. You will also be paid when you refer it to your friends.


  • You will also be paid when your friends join through you.
  • You will also get paid when your friend’s friend join. (I really like this one)
  • You can send free SMS to any mobile all across the country

My Earnings – Rs 360 approx Weekly.

Link : Click to Sign Up with Mginger.

3) YOUMINT : This is a combo. You will be getting advertisement according to your choice through e-mail as well a SMS. I like their ads because they are really useful and unique. They also run free talktime and other offers like Miginger. Plus there are bumper offers in festive seasons like Diwali etc.


  • You will also be paid when your friends join through you.
  • You will also get paid when your friend’s friend join. (I really like this one)
  • You can create your own wallpapers and upload them and get paid when people download them.
  • There have nice collection of wallpapers, ringtones etc to download for free.
  • You can send free SMS to any mobile all across the country.

My Earnings – Rs 300 approx Weekly.

Link : Click to Sign Up with YouMint.

My Total Income
: Rs (207+360+300) 867 approx per Week.

Proof of Income
: Now, most people don’t believe what others say. So have a look at my last week’s checks and this week’s account screenshots. After all, seeing is believing!




Happy Earnings!! Enjoy!!


Deepak Jain November 7, 2008

@ Dibyajyoti:
Hmm.. Congrats buddy πŸ™‚ But I am sure.. For making referrals too you must have worked hard.
BTW are you from orissa.. ‘Das’??

Sita November 7, 2008

Great post man. Hope you will talk about how you manage to get that income on a regular basis?

Are you from Orissa? Asking because I am myself from orissa

Deepak Jain November 8, 2008

Yes dude.. I am from Orissa πŸ˜‰

p@r@noid November 7, 2008

nice dude….that you made Money outa Something which we refer as spam..!!!

great work..!!!

Deepak Jain November 8, 2008

Exactly. But I think for this too we have to work hard to create a good referrals. πŸ™
Well.. read your ‘confession’, the post is really good πŸ˜‰

Gaurish Sharma November 8, 2008

can you please share what information you inserted in your profile with mginger? as i am not getting any ads.

I am talking of what you filled in Education,Occupation,Industry,Income range.

please tell what to fill to get maximum ads

p@r@noid November 8, 2008

@ Deepak

Dude I wont suggest anyone to use referral via email, coz This website has bad habit of resending of refer email after every few days, and that will be highly irritating for your friend..!

SO i would rather suggest best idea to increase your referral is by spamming in some open community that will not Hamper your reputation..!!!

And Thanx for Appreciating the post…There is more to come..!!! πŸ™‚


Deepak Jain November 8, 2008

But even forum owners are too clever. They use to filter posts πŸ™

Pavan Kumar November 8, 2008

Well! First, congrats that you make so much money. I always neglected. I guess most of the money you make is by the mails/sms your referrals read. First you need to work hard to make referrals and finally sit simply without any work πŸ™‚

Debajyoti Das November 8, 2008

One can Easily make an Impressive Income through referrals if he/she has a lot of email Contacts. I only had around 150+ when I started. even 150 contacts are Enough coz the Newworking Stuff starts to Duplicate From those Contacts…

Susan November 8, 2008

Wow, those are great amounts!!

p@r@noid November 9, 2008

@ Deb i did a research on Youmint, google it…..

After Registration when you Invite People using their Import Address Book feature, What they DO is They keep sending the mails After Certain period of time…And thats Annoying, SO instead of importing address book we can use Email list which are Widely Available….

@ Deepak Yah but we can use shout boxes, we can use Orkut Dead communities which is unmoderated…..hardly 1 hr of work and we will end up making at least 100 , And specially in Youmint where You will be pid from frds frd referral pay will go higher..!!!

Deepak Jain November 10, 2008

Yea.. But this is just a hit and trail method πŸ™

Raju November 10, 2008

even while reading this post, I was thinking its a spam, am still shocked 😐

Deepak Jain November 10, 2008

No dude.. It’s not a spam infact, it really works πŸ™‚

Raju November 10, 2008

@Deepak Jain – over the last 3 years or so, I have made Rs 9 through mGinger 😐
So its all about how many referrals you can get and nothing else.

Deepak Jain November 12, 2008

Yes more the number of referrals you have, more you’ll make out of these sites πŸ™‚

denharsh November 10, 2008

lucky you dude….So where is the party..??:P

Deepak Jain November 12, 2008

Yes.. Too lucky πŸ™‚

Debajyoti Das November 17, 2008

@Raju – These Web SMS Based Advertisements are getting popular day by day. As more people are getting into mobile stuff more advertisers are coming up into this ad system. In fact sms & email ads are the most effective & targeted form Advertisements. So you can expect More and More SMS & mail coming to you. In fact, since this system is new it not much profit both for the Ad Publishers & Receivers, But the tables will really turn when People will give more attention to Paid form of Ads. This is a sure possibility in a few years down the Line.

So I Suggest you keep on increasing your direct referral network to ensure High Earnings in the Long Run.

You See people take time to get used the New & Better Stuff… if you start now you won’t be Regretting it later.

Debajyoti Das November 17, 2008

@Gaurish Sharma – Select All the Fields For maximum Earnings. After Joining Make Sure to Invite all your Contacts. Look for “Invite” Options in the Website.

Vishnu February 17, 2010

I know u guys wrt such nice posts. But i wonder what internet connections u use? Lik cost,provider and speed pls give me some suggestion..

Posting Ads April 28, 2010

Thanks Good suggestions.

Jerin Fernandez March 18, 2011

I have made money with Rupeemail with Orkut Spamming… those were good old days!!