Twitter widget for Opera browser

The Opera browser is one of my favorite ones. I started using it many years ago and even though now I end up using Chrome and Firefox a lot more, I still do use Opera quite a bit. So it was nice to know about a Twitter widget which is available with Opera.


Twitter Widget on Opera

  • If you want to install the widget you just need to visit the widgets page for Opera.
  • Once on it you can download or install the Twitter widget. Do make sure JScript is enabled on Opera.
  • Sign into Twitter from the widget and you are good to go.
  • A great feature of the Twitter Widget was that even when I closed my Opera browser the widget still worked like a stand alone  application. This works only if you are using the Opera 10.2 version.

Is it any good?

I found it not all that different from most of the desktop clients available for using Twitter. The widget seemed to be ideal for people who use Twitter moderately and end up sending a few tweets every day. It surely is not a worthy replacement of many popular Twitter applications like TweetDeck as it does not still support Twitter Lists. That is the main drawback of this widget as because it does not support Lists, following incoming tweets gets a little difficult.

This widget is still in testing and hence might have some bugs. But I did not have any issues for a couple of hours I used the widget. Download the Opera browser from their website and the widget from here.

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sudharsan @ tricks tips March 13, 2010

But im now using firefox..Any widget for it ??