The Real Android Phone before iPhone was Released

Last year while reading Steve Jobs official biography by Walter Isaacson, I came across the real angst that Apple had against Google regarding Android. Apprently, Steve Jobs felt that Android had ripped off Apple’s iPhone device. It is also a well known fact that the Android OS, underwent a transformation for sorts after the iPhone […]

Order Free Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.04 Lucid Lynx CD

Ubuntu shipit is back with the new version of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx,this time with more new features. Visit ubuntu shipit and place an order for  latest version CD, shipping might take more then 1 or 2 months so if you have decent fast Internet Connection  you can either download the Ubuntu Desktop Edition Online […]

Ghost Shuts Down Cloud Computing Against The Tide

One of the leading companies in cloud based computing, Ghost Inc better known as Global Hosted Operating SysTem has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, making use of this free service to host their files online and access them using an online operating system that can be accessed from any browser, anywhere! Early morning, i received an email from them stating that Ghost would be shutting down its free service. The news came as a shock for me as i have been using their service for more than a year now.

Ubuntu opportunistic Developer Week

For all the Geeks out there who swear by open source technology , you have a friend in Ubuntu ! Yep , thats right ! Ubuntu , famous for being the most user friendly Linux based operating system , is compiling their second round of developer week ! The Ubuntu Opportunistic developer conference has been slated to be held from 1st-6th March 2010 , the details for which can be found on Ubuntu`s Home page .

Clean up Windows and free up disk space

Here is an application which helps you clean up your Windows Operation system and keep it in top shape. nCleaner is perfect if you want to customize things like advanced system and advanced application cleaning system. The nCleaner website makes claims that it end up tweaking and cleaning up to 2GB space on the hard […]

Use Aero with Windows Vista Home Basic

Almost everyone is aware of the Aero feature in Windows. You can use it with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but unfortunately this is not available with the Home Basic version of Vista and Windows 7. There are many manual hacks available for making tweaks to make Aero available. I came across this software Aero […]