Facebook introduces Bigger and Faster photos!

Facebook once again changes it’s album photo size and the way Facebook shows it. The photos are now bigger and finally Facebook changed it’s black background photo viewer. The new size for the Facebook photos are 960 pixels (earlier it was 720 pixels) that means the new bigger photos are really that big! It’s gonna […]

[How-To] Share your Facebook Photos on WordPress Blog

Facebook has become the place of interest for internet users to hang around, play games, network, share photos and more. It’s quite a common trend that everyone uploads their pictures on Facebook. If you are willing to show those photos on your WordPress powered blog, this is the right tutorial for you. 🙂 Get the […]

Now upload bigger photos to facebook with more pixels

Facebook finally launches the resizing of photos officially. Now every time you upload a photo on Facebook you will see a bigger image with better pixels and hence better quality. In January Facebook made an announcement regarding this resizing of picture feature including resizing of profile pictures. But now Facebook started larger photo option on […]

Tag your Facebook photos automatically with Photo Tagger

Another supercool application for Facebook ‘Photo Tagger’. It is an application developed by face.com and even the Facebook officials use the same application to tag their photos on pages and their profiles due to the accuracy of this application. This application works on the basis of previously tagged photos by you and detects the same […]

Facebook says “Don’t depend on Java” for it’s new photo uploader

Once again the Facebook is going to change a major thing in it’s design, and this time it’s the way how you upload your photos. Currently it’s done by using third party ActiveX and Java applet. But after so many complaints and loads of error in this uploader, they are going to change it completely. […]

BuddyPress Kaltura Media Component for BuddyPress version 1.1

Important: All information regarding this project is moved to new portal – mediabp.com. Comments are closed here. You can use this new support forum. This post is to announce a big update to BuddyPress Kaltura Media Plugin which makes it compatible with BuddyPress version 1.1.x. This feature was in so much demand that we added support for it […]