Facebook says “Don’t depend on Java” for it’s new photo uploader

Once again the Facebook is going to change a major thing in it’s design, and this time it’s the way how you upload your photos. Currently it’s done by using third party ActiveX and Java applet. But after so many complaints and loads of error in this uploader, they are going to change it completely. For the new uploader developers have set some goals which are,

  • Don’t depend on Java.
  • Uploads should be asynchronous; that is, you should be able to browse around on Facebook while an upload is ongoing.
  • The uploader’s UI needs to integrate well with current and future revisions of Facebook’s chrome.
  • UI iteration needs to be easy (no recompiling code).
  • Updates and deployment of any binaries should be as secure, seamless and user-friendly as possible.

(via Facebook Engineering’s Notes)

To use this uploader you have to install a Facebook plug-in. Once you have installed this plug-in you will be able to upload your photos with the new uploader which users html an css but with a very cool way 😉

The best thing in this uploader is that you can continue with your work on Facebook, doesn’t matter what you are doing you can do it simultaneously while uploading photos.



(via new photo uploader)

This new photo uploader is not available right now for every Facebook user right now however it’s available as a Facebook Prototype for testing purposes. You can visit Prototypes section of Facebook to try it out. If you want to access it directly use this link . You can also report a bug by using this form.

Currently, the following operating systems are supported:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
OS X 10.4 and later
Ubuntu Linux 8 or later, 32-bit only (64-bit support is planned)

(via Facebook Engineering’s Notes)

LINKS: prototype, new photo uploader