Upload Images to Orkut Directly from Picasa

When ever we have to upload any pictures from our mobile to Orkut, we usually copy the pictures to desktop, open orkut and after that we upload the images. This increase the time and more work for us to update our Orkut photo album. Orkut has released a new Orkut-picasa uploader plugin to upload pictured directly from picasa.

Using this plugin is very simple, all you need to have is Picasa installed on your system. If you don’t have picasa installed in your system, you can download it from here. Once picasa is installed, download this plugin. After you done installing plugin it will ask you for the confirmation to launch the picasa application. Click on allow.

After that simple select the images you want to upload it to orkut and click on share on orkut and you will can instantly upload your images from desktop. Check this screenshots, which will explain the procedure in details :


After clicking on upload, it will ask you for your orkut logins and you can select the album or create a new album to upload your images.

I’m sure if you are an orkut addict you will love this concept of uploading images to orkut directly from homepage.  Do let us know, what do you think about this article?


engineer March 22, 2010

iam using orkut from the past three years but i never came to know about this, thanx a lot for sharing . . .

orkut scraps April 1, 2010

nice one…..