Series Writing – A new blogging experiment! [Editorial]

Starting from this week, I am trying a new experiment – Series writing.

Series writing is proven effective for many top bloggers. It demands much more consistency than normal blogging but I have more reasons to try this. In last few weeks, I have noticed that I blog about too many topics here. As a consequence, I waste a lot of time deciding what topic to write on.

Personally, I am into many things like blogging, web design, wordpress development, site administration, computer security, SEO, freelancing, etc. So it was always harder for me to choose a niche. So I have decided to take one topic at a time exclusively to blog about.

Of course, I will keep you updated on Orkut, iPhone and other my favorite topics which I closely monitor over the Internet. Series writing doesn’t mean you just blog on one topic. It just means you blog more on a particular topic.

This week I will be posting more on WordPress plugins. This series is intended to help new wordpress bloggers gain most from from countless wordpress plugins.

In my first series, I will post about plugin usability, my favorite wordpress plugins and similar things which can help you as a wordpress user.

If all goes well, I will also write a wordpress plugin series for developers. Yes, I am into commercial wordpress development and I just got paid $300 for my first private wordpress plugin. (project link)

Next I have really great series almost complete on Google Adsense but I will put it live in September once AdSense for product referral retires. I am also planning to cover series on online money-making, SEO, security, etc.

Please let me know if you like to read more about a particular topic. I hope you will enjoy this new experiment.

First post will be live in few hours. Thank you all… 🙂


Rajat Arora August 4, 2008

Anything for quality writing! Looking forward to reading series-writing posts of yours.

Quakeboy August 5, 2008

Cool you are on GAF site too ! I can see you are the only one quoted 300$ for the project !

Amazing man.. I have 3 reviews there already 4th one on the way.. I do mostly flash and php script stuff there and some web template design too.

Rahul Bansal August 5, 2008

Thanks for encouraging buddy… 🙂

Nice to know that… 🙂
We can collaborate sometimes on a big project… 🙂

Gaurav August 6, 2008

Nice Rahul… This is amazing stuff 🙂 I would have asked you for some more posts on WP. Actually you should carry it on after the plugin series over to other topics on WP.

Rahul Bansal August 6, 2008

Sure buddy… I will write more about wordpress in coming days.
I am around the clock working on wordpress related stuff.