Mibbit – IRC Was Never Easy Like This [Online Messenger]

Long time back we reviewed meebo and other web-based messengers. All of them had one common problem – no support for Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Although many users prefer graphical and simple to use messengers like Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, etc, IRC is still something many geeks can’t live without. But thanks to mibbit, […]

Orkut Low Bandwidth Version – Good for Dial-Up and slow GPRS users!

Orkut silently launched a low-bandwidth version. Many forum sites have a lo-fi version for dial-up users. But orkut took different path and rather than giving a separate subdomain with complete redesign, a small setting is added to General Settings. To enable “low bandwidth” version… Go to General Settings Find low bandwidth setting Click on show […]

Creating Spam-Free Contact Page in Minutes [WordPress Plugin]

Contact page is something every serious blogger must add on their blog. Many bloggers just create a contact page or worse put their email id somewhere in sidebar. Reason to do this includes spam problem, laziness, not enough technical knowledge, etc. There are many sites and plugins available to do this easily. One such plugin […]

WordPress 2.5 FAQ – A Must Read For All WordPress Users!

Like most of you wordpress users, we also moved to WordPress 2.5 on the same day it was released. I know you like its cool interface and new features, but there are many things that has been changed drastically or completely removed from WordPress 2.5. While most of these changes may not affect many wordpress […]

Email Tracking – Get notified when your emails get read!

If you ever wondered whether mails you sent ever gets read or just sent to trash, you can use a mail tracking service like MailTracking.com which allows email tracking. They send you a email notification whenever the recipient reads your email. Notification includes many details including following… Date and time opened Location of recipient (per […]

Setting Up Firefox as IDE for Firefox Extension Development! [Firefox Developers]

This article is intended for all geeks who are working on firefox extension development! If you are new to this then you may want to start with shortest tutorial for firefox extension development! This is small but important tutorial for those who seriously want to develop firefox extensions. As there is no good IDE for […]

Manage All Chats & Contact History at One Place!

Apart from its simplicity and its integration with Gmail what I love most about Google-Talk is built-in history feature. I was missing this history feature particularly in Yahoo and Windows Live messenger and guess im-history answered my call! im-history is a third party service. They came up with a unique solution which works with all […]