Stop Allowing Cookies Installed on Your Computer by Advertising Networks!

Online privacy is quite a big deal now a days. Most websites with advertisements collect user details so they can show more relevant ads, hence adding to better revenues. This is all fine but many people might not want advertising networks to install cookies on their computers. Also we might trust some networks but find certain ones not trustworthy.

If you want to stop allowing cookies being installed on your computer for usage to be tracked, Select Out is a very good service.


How Select Out works?

  • Just visit Select Ou page from the browser that your use regularly and select Opt-Out options.
  • There is a list of advertising networks which track usage stats through cookies.
  • Just opt-out of all the services that you do not want tracking you.
  • Another option with this is to have a Chrome extension, which also shows a list of networks that have cookies installed on your system (see image below).


So for the Privacy conscious try out Select Out. Also if you liked reading this post, you might also like to read how to stop Google from tracking your data on Chrome browser.

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Link: Select Out | Chrome extension


Abhishek Biswal March 29, 2011

Nice One Aditya! Never knew that AddThis also keeps user data.

Aditya Kane March 29, 2011

Thanks Abhishek. There are so many networks we have no idea about.