PrivyTalks – Encrypted Anonymous Chatting Online

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Privacy is a big deal on the web, especially in recent times when social networks makes finding individuals very easy. Anonymity and encryption are two vital way to maintain your privacy. Also there are many instances when we want to not share our Gmail or Skype ID but use something temporary but what to discuss something with someone from a forum or a group.

With free online tool PrivyTalks, we can chat anonymously and also have the exchanged information which is encrypted and hence safe.

Features of PrivyTalks


Just visit the PrivyTalks website and start the chat. A link can be shared to invite others to chat with them.

The messages are encrypted from the browsers using the service. The website claims they only transfer the encrypted data and does not have access to any of the chat messages shared.

This makes it truly anonymous and secure way to share and share information. People sharing passwords to a service might find this PrivyTalks very useful.

If you are interested in online privacy refer to this guide. Also check out this link for chatting on any webpage anonymously.

Link: PrivyTalks

Note: PrivyTalks is in beta testing stage as of now and will be launched on Friday, Sep. 2, 2011.