How to disable tags with Facebook Places

Facebook Places has been widely reported and a lot of Facebook users have started using it. One of its features is that you can be tagged by other friends on Facebook Places. Some people might not liked being tagged at all as there it highlights your profile to people who might not be in your […]

“This Friend Request Can’t Be Sent”-another irritating feature by Facebook and how to deal with it!!

Most of the people are on Facebook to make new friends, and I am one of them who loves to send request to random people on But this thing isn’t gonna possible anymore cuz of a new feature to prevent the misuse of Facebook. Obviously this is a good feature specially for those who […]

Personal Details of 100 mn Facebook users leaked online

Once again the facebook is in news for leaked details of it’s users. But this time it’s in a very large scale when the information of 100 million facebook profiles is available to download on net. This information was leaked by Ron Bowles, who’s an online security consultant. He used a code to search all […]

Facebook Recommends Making Your Photos Public!

This morning, I woke up to see new Facebook privacy settings on my Facebook account. Without wasting time I jumped to new privacy settings page to discover Facebook’s new privacy settings (read confusion). After brainstorming for a while, when I failed to figure out much from new privacy settings, I decided to check “recommended settings” […]

Did you Quit Facebook on “Quit Facebook Day”?

Facebook has recently had problems regarding privacy and many felt passionately enough about the ‘Privacy Issues’ that they decided to form a community which has decided to quit Facebook. This is basically a way to protest and probably gather Facebook’s attention on how strongly they feel about privacy concerns and that their loyalty to Facebook […]

Orkut simplifies settings and themes

Orkut today announced some changes to the layout of it’s settings which will allow for great ease and control over privacy and other settings you have regarding your Orkut account. Is that a jab to Facebook and its privacy issues? 😉 So now it Orkut settings are neatly tucked under Orkut settings as you can […]