ReclaimPrivacy : Scan Your Facebook Privacy Level Settings

Facebook has been playing around with some privacy settings and recently they had also introduced the new security feature which will alert you if some one tries to access your facebook account from someother computer device other than one which you use daily to login facebook. Today we have another online tool which scans your […]

Check which website tracks your online usage

One of the issues while you sign-up with a website is we do not really read through the disclaimers or terms of services in great detail. Mostly we sign-up to websites thanks to their relevance and reputation. Some of these websites do something called as tracking out activity and sharing this info with advertisers for […]

How to get back your old Facebook privacy settings

Recently Facebook changed all it’s privacy settings and by default your personal information like wallposts, photos, profile pics, info e.t.c became visible to everyone who’s on Facebook. But this new privacy feature isn’t irreversible, you can easily get back your private and protected profile back, just follow the steps given below. Step 1: From your […]

How to Share your phone number on Facebook with selected friends only

Most of the social networking website users don’t share their personal contact information like phone number e.t.c cuz of the risk that it might get misused. And it’s true either but not for Facebook as you have an option of sharing each and every information with all, some or few friends from your friend list. […]

How to Display Pictures of selected friends only on your Facebook Profile Page?

You may have heard that Facebook gives importance to Privacy. That’s the reason why many of us like it. They allows us to customize most of the widgets and information in the profile page easily. But had you ever thought that you could even edit the widget like the ‘Friends’ box, which shows random result. […]

Protect privacy while using Chrome with free software

When you use the Chrome Browser there are details which can be stored based on the unique ID. This browser is a favorite of mine and I love its functionality along with spartan design. Chrome is undoubtedly much faster than most other browsers out there. Google Chrome uses a client_id variable which is unique for every Chrome user. This […]

Share your facebook photos with selected friends

Facebook, a well known social networking website which is not only famous for it’s applications and clean design but also for it’s out standing privacy features. Here I am writing about such a privacy feature which is a necessity for all those Facebook users who love to add random friends but don’t want to share […]