3 Ways To Bypass Network Firewall

Want to access blocked websites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter from School or Office but the Network Firewall doesn’t allow you to do so? Here is a quick and foolproof guide to bypass any Network Firewall. Network firewalls are just like your computer firewall which restricts the websites usually chosen the administrator. Many Schools and Offices use Firewall to restrict […]

Pakistan Blocked Twitter, Youtube, Wiki After Facebook

Coupe of days back Pakistan banned Facebook because few people created a page by the name of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” and users were uploading images of Prophet Mohammad which is not allowed in Islam. For full coverage, head over to our Facebook news Blog. Seems like Facebook is not the end of this internet […]

How to Use Ultrasurf Proxy Software to Unblock Blocked Websites

Last time I had written post on Download ultra surf: Free desktop proxy software to unblock any website. Till now I’m using it effectively and it is helping me a lot to remove internet censorship.  This tutorial is for all those who are not aware of how they can use Ultra surf proxy software. Download […]

Ultrasurf: Free Desktop Proxy Software to Unblock Any website

I hate internet censorship and in my opinion blocking any website is more like stopping someone from acquiring knowledge. Most of education institutions doesn’t allow surfing social networking websites like orkut, Facebook, Yahoo and so on.  We have already covered few posts which will allow you to unblock any websites. If you missed it you […]

Proxy 4 Blogger (Blogspot)

As popularity of blogs goes on increasing, many countries started blocking entire blogsphere just because of some evil bloggers! While such a censorship can be justified is a matter of debate, rather expressing my opinion on the issue I am giving you the way to access blogs from blogspot domain without any loss in quality! […]

Working proxies for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, etc

This is for all orkut addicts whose addiction leads their network administrator to block orkut! Here are some proxies provided by orkut itself, u can try!!! http://images.orkut.com http://images3.orkut.com Actually they were created to host images on orkut! Chances of these actually working are very rare! Also there is a different breed of “proxy” specially designed for orkut, […]