Ultrasurf: Free Desktop Proxy Software to Unblock Any website

I hate internet censorship and in my opinion blocking any website is more like stopping someone from acquiring knowledge. Most of education institutions doesn’t allow surfing social networking websites like orkut, Facebook, Yahoo and so on.  We have already covered few posts which will allow you to unblock any websites. If you missed it you can read about it here

Though one bad thing about proxies are they get banned very quickly and we always need to look for newer working proxies. The alternate solution to such issue is VPN and desktop proxy software’s. There are many working proxy software which helps you in unblocking and blocked websites and one of them is Ultrasurf.

Ultrasurf is a light weight desktop application which will let you browse through a different proxy server. Here is a screenshot of the working Ultrasurf software :

working-ultra-surf ultrasurf-proxy

Download Ultra surf

Meanwhile do let us know which proxy software or VPN tool do you use to unblock websites?


vivek iyer March 6, 2010

i’m using ultrasurf.. but it doesn’t open all the item.. and ofcourse , it doen’t offer good speed.

Harsh Agrawal March 13, 2010

Vivek I tried Your-freedom, Tor and other proxy tool. Ultra surf has connectivity problem but when it works.it works like a charm for me.

akc puppy March 6, 2010

Proxy Server CCProxy is easy-to-use and powerful Internet connection sharing software. CCProxy can support broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN connections, it helps you build your own proxy server and share Internet access within the LAN efficiently and easily

Albert March 8, 2010

Thanks for sharing. I’m using this for more than one year. some times Its helpful to access the US only offers. But most of those sites blocked this IP address.

Also it could not handle some server scripting process. at that time it shows “this URL not accessible”

In this case I will use this Online Anonymous Browser. I’m using it for rapidshare and hotfile downloads. Till date I didn’t face any download limit from this site. Hope I shared some useful information.

tarik January 17, 2011

I am using your-freedom but can not use yahoo messanger so please guide yahoo messnger settting

kenshin March 22, 2011

is it possible to connect comfrog to u1006 please guide setting

dave July 6, 2011

fortiguard kinda blocks me downloading it. any suggestions?

rohit kumar March 20, 2013

i have problem for downloading ultra surf