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As popularity of blogs goes on increasing, many countries started blocking entire blogsphere just because of some evil bloggers! While such a censorship can be justified is a matter of debate, rather expressing my opinion on the issue I am giving you the way to access blogs from blogspot domain without any loss in quality!

The pkblogs just do this! Its designed keeping blogspot in mind, so it won’t work for wordpress, movable type, typepad and other blogs!

When you go to site, you see a simple form like below,

Now to access Devils Workshop all you need to do is write rb286 in above box and hit enter!

Tips for bloggers: If you are already a blogger on blogspot domain then you may consider giving alternate pkblog url (i.e. to readers of ur blog!

e.g.: BLOGNAME for devils workshop is rb286. So its pkblog url will be

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  1. Living in China. It seems they just blocked blogspot. And they seem to have found most blogspot proxys that I can find. I’m stuck. Unable to post on my blog.

    Your proxy form above is just a jpg w/ a link to itself. Thanks for the info though. I’ll keep tryin’.

  2. Kevdall

    While not a perfect solution you can try some of the ‘background’ proxies like Ultrasurf, Freegate and Puff the Magic Dragon. You have to set up the proxies to turn on and off in your options area but it is not that hard. I did it so you can. You just have to type in those proxy names (as the home pages are blocked here in China of course) and find out where to downlaod them. Still slow to update Blogger but it is doable.

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