Twitter now lets users receive DMs even from accounts not followed

Since it’s launch, Twitter has always put a restriction on who can Direct Message (DM) whom (for example, you can DM me only if I follow you) But, starting today, this is about to change. Twitter has brought a new feature, that lets the users to receive DMs from any user, even from accounts that they do not follow.

This is an opt-in feature that you can enable in the Settings page of your Twitter account.

To enable this feature, check the box “Receive direct message from any follow

It hasn’t been announced officially by Twitter yet. But many Twitter users have already noticed this new feature on their accounts. @JimConnolly was one of the first users to notice this.

Twitter’s DM settings allow users who do not follow you to send you Direct Messages

This might be useful for brands to get people who post complaints to send them details in a more private manner. But I think that this might lead to a surge of spam messages landing on my inbox from unknown users. But, also, in such a case, I can always go back to the Settings page and disable it. Nevertheless, this option will definitely means more spam but also a lot of advertising.

Since Twitter has filed an IPO and will be under pressure to generate revenues we can expect more such intrusive features to pay for Twitter. Though I expect Twitter have some sort of filter to ensure DMs from people you followed can be looked up exclusively.


What you should do in case of Hacked Facebook account [user query]

Mail by a reader:

Please help in figuring out what’s happening with my facebook account. A person whom I know but not facebook friend knows when I log in and whom I search on Facebook. How is this possible. Is my account hacked? Please explain me briefly how it is possible. Do you think the person can even my photos, updates and friends? I’ve very few friends in FB and I know who they are. I appreciate any hint you throw on my side.

The Reason:

Well yes somebody either hacked your account or that person knows your password so he’s using your Facebook profile to check your recent activity. If you are using Facebook from a public computer or public network I suggest you not to save/remember your password on your computer. To track how your Facebook account please read the possible solutions below.


Possible Solutions to this Problem:

  1. Please change your Facebook password immediately.
  2. If you are using Facebook on a public computer or a Public network (i.e your college or home LAN/WiFi) then never store your password on your computer specially if the network is shared one.
  3. Enter your Mobile Number on Facebook notifications Page.
  4. Please don’t allow anyone else to use your computer if it’s a personal one.
  5. Go to Account Settings Page and click on Account Security. Here select ‘ON’ for Login Notification and check SMS (moblie text) box. Using this option you (or anybody else) have to enter the name of the computer from where you are using Facebook and you will get an SMS as soon as someone logins from your account.
  6. Track the recent activity of your account from the same page and ‘Account Security’ tab as shown below.

You can also check the recent activity and location from where user last logged in to your account from the same page. If you can’t access the account at all please reset your password immediately.

As far as your personal data is concerned please read this to get maximum privacy on Facebook.

Just like this reader if you have any query then please drop a comment below, we will get back to you.  🙂

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Pirates of the Facebook

Remember Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and his strange way of speaking English? Now on Facebook you can start speaking like a pirate with their strange language. Take a look below at my Facebook profile page and I will tell you how you can also your page to look like this.

As many know that Facebook supports quite a few languages and this is where Facebook developers show a sense of humor.

  • When you sign into your Facebook account you can see which language your account is supporting right at the bottom of the page. You will see English UK or English US in all probability.
  • Click on it and you will get an option to change the language as shown in image below.

So go ahead and have fun, bring about a little bit of pirate on your Facebook account. It has a lot of tongue in cheek humor for Pirate language parleys for otherwise out usual Facebook features.

Credits: Rishabh from Techylabs


How to get back your old Facebook privacy settings

Recently Facebook changed all it’s privacy settings and by default your personal information like wallposts, photos, profile pics, info e.t.c became visible to everyone who’s on Facebook. But this new privacy feature isn’t irreversible, you can easily get back your private and protected profile back, just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: From your Facebook’s homepage, go to Settings>> Privacy Settings or simply click here.


Step 2: Now go to ‘Profile Information’ in Privacy Settings page and select ‘Only Friends’ option given on right in each row with the info like about me, personal info.

Step 3: For ‘Photo Albums’ click ‘Edit Settings button given with it and select ‘Only Friends’ again for each of the album listed there. Click save settings for albums.


Step 4: Now again go to  Settings>> Privacy Settings, click on ‘Contact Information’ this time.

Step 5: Again select ‘Only Friends’ for each option except for ‘Add me as a friend’ and ‘Send me a message’. Select ‘Everyone’ for both of them.

That’s it, your Facebook profile will be private again. You can also select any option which you want to share with some or all of them on Facebook by simply selecting ‘Friends of Friends or ‘Everyone’ except for ‘Only Friends’.


Control who can see your wall messages

Facebook has now brought about better privacy features and more importantly given you more control over the messages you write on your wall.

Often I would post something on my wall or leave a status message but it was irrelevant for a lot of people in my friend list. Lets say I was announcing to my friends about a school reunion. This would obviously be useless for my Facebook friends who are my colleagues.

Now with the new privacy features you can actually select a group of friends or even individuals who can see wall post or even status message.

Facebook Privacy on Wall

Customize Wall Posts

  • Start typing your message on the Wall text box. After you are done with the message click on the Lock icon to the right had corner next to Share.
  • Everyone is selected by default, ideally to select one individual or group of friends click on Customize.
  • Now once you click on Customize a new interface pops up and allows you to control exactly who amongst your friends can see the message and also who cannot see the message.
  • Below is a video I created on how exactly Facebook Wall privacy can be tweaked.

Hope you like it and let me know what you think about this feature through your comments! 🙂


70 languages in which Facebook can be used

Today we are gonna write the long lists of languages in which you can access Facebbok. This availability of Facebook in different languages is one of the major rasons why Facebook is so popular worldwide. Currently Facebook is available in 70 different languages worldwide out of which 6 are Indian languages i.e Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali.

Below is the list of Facebook languages, if you are not sure which language it is then just rollover your mouse cursor on the the name and it will show you the related Engilsh name of that particular language.

To change your default Facebook language either click on anyone of the languages given below or simply click here.


TIP: Bookmarke this page cuz that might help you in a case you have switched to a different language that you aren’t familiar with, then just get back to this page and go to the Facebook languages page again by selecting a language from above 😉

LINK: Facebook languages


All about “Block People”/”Ignore User” on Facebook

“Block people” is one of the most advanced feature by Facebook. There are 300 million Facebook users now but still mostly aren’t aware of this “block people” option and they don’t even know that what happens when you ignore somebody on Facebook. Don’t worry we have all your answers, after all you are on FacebooKnol 😉

How to ignore/block someone on Facebook?

Well there are two ways of doing that,

Method 1:


To ignore somebody on Facebook, simply click here(or go to your privacy settings) and add either the name or the e-mail id you want to block in the box given below on that page and click “block”.

(check the screen shot below for more clarification)

FacebooKnol (2)

Method 2:

You can also ignore somebody directly by visiting his/her profile. To do so, you first have to delete that person and then click “Report/Block this person”. Check “block this person” and click submit.You can also report a person for any particular reason.

(check the screen shot below for more clarification)

FacebooKnol (1)

What happens when I “Block People” on Facebook?

Blocking users on Facebook is much more advanced than “ignore user” option of Orkut. If you block someone on Facebook he/she won’t be able to,

  • See your profile on Facebook search results.
  • Either open your profile, if the ignored person is having a bookmark of your profile, that will be automatically re-directed to his/her homepage.
  • Send pokes/message or any friend request in future.
  • See your comments in public pages.
  • See you in anybody’s friends list.

Obviously that’s a very good feature and important too in order to make Facebook clean.

Blocked person is sending me messages using fake profiles, what should I do?

Well in that case simple make your profile invisible, that means only you will be able to see other Facebook profiles and nobody can access your profile. Read “Set Your Profile Search Visibility on Facebookfor more information related to it.

So make facebook beautiful with “Block People” option and make Facebook better with FacebooKnol. 😉