Control who can see your wall messages

Facebook has now brought about better privacy features and more importantly given you more control over the messages you write on your wall.

Often I would post something on my wall or leave a status message but it was irrelevant for a lot of people in my friend list. Lets say I was announcing to my friends about a school reunion. This would obviously be useless for my Facebook friends who are my colleagues.

Now with the new privacy features you can actually select a group of friends or even individuals who can see wall post or even status message.

Facebook Privacy on Wall

Customize Wall Posts

  • Start typing your message on the Wall text box. After you are done with the message click on the Lock icon to the right had corner next to Share.
  • Everyone is selected by default, ideally to select one individual or group of friends click on Customize.
  • Now once you click on Customize a new interface pops up and allows you to control exactly who amongst your friends can see the message and also who cannot see the message.
  • Below is a video I created on how exactly Facebook Wall privacy can be tweaked.

Hope you like it and let me know what you think about this feature through your comments! 🙂