What you should do in case of Hacked Facebook account [user query]

Mail by a reader:

Please help in figuring out what’s happening with my facebook account. A person whom I know but not facebook friend knows when I log in and whom I search on Facebook. How is this possible. Is my account hacked? Please explain me briefly how it is possible. Do you think the person can even my photos, updates and friends? I’ve very few friends in FB and I know who they are. I appreciate any hint you throw on my side.

The Reason:

Well yes somebody either hacked your account or that person knows your password so he’s using your Facebook profile to check your recent activity. If you are using Facebook from a public computer or public network I suggest you not to save/remember your password on your computer. To track how your Facebook account please read the possible solutions below.

Possible Solutions to this Problem:

  1. Please change your Facebook password immediately.
  2. If you are using Facebook on a public computer or a Public network (i.e your college or home LAN/WiFi) then never store your password on your computer specially if the network is shared one.
  3. Enter your Mobile Number on Facebook notifications Page.
  4. Please don’t allow anyone else to use your computer if it’s a personal one.
  5. Go to Account Settings Page and click on Account Security. Here select ‘ON’ for Login Notification and check SMS (moblie text) box. Using this option you (or anybody else) have to enter the name of the computer from where you are using Facebook and you will get an SMS as soon as someone logins from your account.
  6. Track the recent activity of your account from the same page and ‘Account Security’ tab as shown below.

You can also check the recent activity and location from where user last logged in to your account from the same page. If you can’t access the account at all please reset your password immediately.

As far as your personal data is concerned please read this to get maximum privacy on Facebook.

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vindus May 10, 2012

hi someone has hacked my Facebook account & has changed evrything my password ,my emailid,my security question & everything it has been hacked from past 8 months i hav tried many things but i didn’t get any of the solution please help to get back my facebook account